Arsenal Sign Defender Sebastien Squillaci, Subject To Medical

Ollie Irish

22nd, August 2010


ACCORDING to the official website of Sevilla, centre-back Sebastian Squillaci is flying to London tonight, and will undergo a medical at Arsenal tomorrow.

Squillaci hacks down Ronaldinho

The 30-year-old Frenchman, who was ‘dropped’ by Sevilla for their Champions League tie against Braga last week (the Spanish club protecting their interest), will cost the Gunners around £5m, reports say.

So, the initial verdict: hit or shit?

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  1. Anthony says:

    Shit arsene wenger, he wasted arsenal money again buying another france player…that kochi is already a waste of money now another waste money cb from france…shit as long as they are from france, they will be bought…total wasted this transfer window is 15 million which can be used to buy other good player from world cup and from other country…france squil is one of the player in the disappointing wc and now is bought because he is FRANCE…no difference at all, we throw away two france player, and taking back another 2 france player who is almost the same level…

  2. The Belgian says:

    Squillaci > Gallas

  3. goonerdan says:

    anthony, you chat a load of shite.

  4. gus says:

    stop fucking moaning anthony.

  5. Jay says:

    Typical bandwagon supporter….Squillaci is FRENCH not france…..

    Please appreciate that Wenger is dealing with muppets like you who have no idea of the financial pressures he is under because of the Emirates Mortgage.

    Please take a minute and SUPPORT your team instead of mindlessly criticizing.

    Good Day.

  6. Fatxi.ade says:

    Iam happy for arsenal new defender put i want anther players

  7. GoodgroupforArsenalinthechampionsleague says:

    Fuck off Anthony, your not a professionL football manager, you have no idea what mr arsene wenger has to deal with. He has made it clear so many times that he clearly loves arsenal. If you dont appreciate what wenger does for arsenal, then fuck off and became a tottenham supporter. PRICK! If we sell Gallas its right that we bring in a french defender of the same quality to replace him. WANKER!

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