Panorama’s Football’s Dirty Secrets – what a waste of licence payer’s money


20th, September 2006

I have to agree with Mof that last night’s Panorama offered very little in the way of hard evidence against any Premiership manager. There were lots of dull meetings in horrible chain hotels, and not a lot else. It all amounted to very little. If there is a network of bung-happy managers with offshore accounts, then Panorama got nowhere near to exposing them.

What do we know now that we didn’t know before? Nothing really. So there are some football crooked agents – didn’t see that coming! Panorama seemed determined to finger Bolton Wanderers and Sam Allardyce, but ultimately the programme must be deemed as a failure. I had to laugh at the disingenuous naivete of the BBC to act shocked at a bit of harmless tapping up – tapping up goes on in all walks of life and always will. I don’t have a problem with it – that’s how business gets done. What did you think of the programme?

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