Unloved Roque Santa Cruz Wants To Leave Man City In January

Ollie Irish

26th, October 2010


By Ollie Irish

Roque Santa Cruz: the worst Hide & Seek cheat you ever played with

Ridiculously good-looking striker Roque Santa Cruz has had enough of never being picked for Man City – a situation that is partly his fault, as he’s a bit rubbish compared with the likes of Tevez and Adebayor. Roque wants out and he wants out as soon as possible, ie. in January.

“Competition for places [at City] is great and I’m working every day to try and convince the coach, but I’m still not getting picked,” he told Spanish radio station Cadena Ser.

“I’m not getting the playing time to convince anybody and my priority is to leave in the January transfer market.

“I’m 29 and still hope to fulfil my dream of playing in Spain. It is the dream of most South American players, hopefully it will happen.”

Hmm, Spain you say. Anyone else foresee a move to Sparky’s Fulham though? That makes sense. Il Pulpo Paul, you got a tasty prediction from the great aquarium in the sky?

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  1. V says:

    dude, that MUST be ashton kutcher.

  2. Samhumphreys says:

    I submitted that lookalike a while back, to no avail :/

  3. mercmonster says:

    Santa Cruz was better than Adebayor at Blackburn than Adebayor was at Arsenal (even if Adebayor scored more goals). I also still say that if Santa Cruz is given more chances – namely the chances that Adebayor gets, Cruz would gain more confidence and earn a place in the Starting 11, or at least be a regular. Adebayor contributed nothing to the Man City Arsenal game apart from sending a free header over the bar. I believe Adebayor wasn’t even that fit going into the game, so why he was picked ahead of a fit and ready-to-go Cruz just shows Mancini’s supposed “Favoritism” policy.

  4. Jimbo says:

    fucking hell looks like ashton kutcher there.
    who cares. why is anyone surprised. city signed a million strikers, they don’t get to play, they leave. go for your own sake if you wanna play football, man, won’t get that at city

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