Jeff Winter’s Premier League Hall of Shame

Ollie Irish

27th, September 2006


Repka_bowyer_mills_1Former Premier League referee Jeff Winter has named Lee Bowyer, Danny Mills and Tomas Repka as the worst players he had to officiate in his time in the game. He said: "The players I used to hate facing were Danny Mills, Lee Bowyer and Tomas Repka, to name three. Most players I could have a laugh with but there were some who were just impossible."

Winter was stirring up a bit of controversy to keep his book out of the bargain bins. I imagine refereeing those three would be pretty annoying, but I would not have picked them as the top three. Craig Bellamy would be quite high on my list. Who would you least like to referee? [Via Mirror]

[Rob Parker]

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  1. sam says:

    Keano (thank god he’s retired now) even though I can still imagine him running across the pitch to dispute every whistle at the stadium of light.
    Alternatively, Paolo di Canio (I can imagine he’d be a right arse to man-manage too, further proof of Harry Redknapps miracle working!)

  2. joe says:

    Patrick Vieira, Robbie Savage, Cristiano Ronaldo