Jens Lehmann to auction his penalty shootout cheat note

Ollie Irish

4th, October 2006

Lehmann_1Germany goalkeeper Jens Lehmann is to auction the piece of paper with notes on Argentina players’ penalty habits which he kept down his sock during the World Cup quarter-final shootout. Lehmann was seen reading the note between penalties.

The Arsenal keeper claims he struggled to read his pencil scrawl on the sweaty piece of paper at the time. He saved efforts from Roberto Ayala and Esteban Cambiasso during the shootout, although only Ayala is referred to in the notes. The note reads: 1. Riquelme left high; 2. Crespo long run/right, short run/left; 3. Heinze left low; 4. Ayala long wait, long run right; 5. Messi left; 6. Aimar long wait left; 7. Rodriguez left.

[Rob Parker]

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