‘Aston Villa Can Stick Their Bid’ – Ian Holloway Wants Charlie Adam To Join A ‘Big Club’

Chris Wright

13th, January 2011


By Chris Wright

“What’s the score Kenneth?”

To be frank, Blackpool manager Ian Holloway is really beginning to grate on me. Whereas Lineker et al seem to revel in his particular strand of colloquial whimsy, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to get along with his constant, put-upon chirruping.

Anywho, I’m willing to let my personal gripes slide in order to relay to you Ollie’s latest burred diatribe, this time at the expense of Liverpool, Aston Villa, Blackburn and Birmingham – who’s collective ongoing pursuit of Charlie Adam is beginning to rankle with the Seasider’s boss:

“I want him to go to a club which is not struggling, it’s always been my goal to get him to one of the top five or six clubs. He wants one day to go to a bigger club than us and, where we are in the league (ninth), there aren’t too many.

“I want him to go to a place where he is likely to win, where he is not going to plug a hole and his manager is in a solid position.

“I want him to go to a place where he is loved, cherished and appreciated and that is certainly not any of the teams that have rung up about him so far.

“No disrespect to ASTON VILLA, but they are wasting their time. They can shove their bid wherever they like it because if they think he is only worth £3.5million they are watching a different game to the one I am.

“If they want to insult me by offering £3.5million then, sorry, they are barking up the wrong tree, they are messing with the wrong dog.

“I’ve seen what he does and some of it is genius – and you don’t get genius cheap.”

Touché, Mr Holloway…touché.

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  1. sean wright philips says:

    ohh fuck off please .. adam is good but not , that good , and there s no way in hell his 24 years old ,, he look more like 35 ! he probely got a fake id or somthing to play in that small as club of yours ..

  2. Ian says:

    That’s funny. I saw the exact same quote from Holloway but it said ‘ASTON VILLA are wasting their time. They can shove their bid wherever they like it because if they think he is only worth £3.5million they are watching a different game to the one I am.’

    He also stated the one exception to only selling to a team outside the top 4 at the moment wouold be Liverpool as they are still the biggest club in the world (His exact words). Please don’t alter quotes for your own agenda.

  3. Dan says:

    Well that didn’t make much sense, however smaller clubs do need to stick to their guns when it comes to bigger clubs snatching up players and soaking up all the talent. That’s how you wind up with ‘want-away’ articles every week, when top players languish on the bench. At least he’s looking out for his best player’s future rather than cashing in on a sub-par bid. I say hold out for 10+ and buy some pitch heating.

  4. Torres9 says:

    LIES!!!! It was ASTON VILLA he was talking about! Quoted in the BBC and Sky (I would rather trust these sources). Sort it out!

  5. pablo says:

    Yeah and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to get along with t*ssers who make up sh*te stories like this based on made up quotes. He said “Villa” not “Liverpool”.

  6. gamblino says:

    haha. If he said Liverpool are still the biggest club in the world then he really is a fucking nutjob. The biggest joke in the world perhaps.

  7. Chris says:

    These are the exact quotes I was sent to work with…


    I concede that they appear to have mis-quoted Holloway, but seriously guys – you need to calm down. I’ll change it in due course.

  8. Rich says:

    any chance they just might have made a mistake? im sure they’re not altering stories just for your sakes.

    btw pies, loved the article on heskey getting world player of the year …

  9. Markell says:

    Wait, so you guys DONT love Ian Holloway? Because I think the man should win Manager of the Year. There is absolutely NO WAY he should have BLACKPOOL in ninth place, ahead of such teams as Everton, Liverpool, Birmingham, Aston Villa and West Ham. For Christ’s sake, he beat Liverpool last night with Ian Evatt, Craig Cathcart, Steven Crainey and Neil Eardley holding the Reds attack featuring Dirk Kuyt, Fernando Torres, and Milan Jovanivic to one goal, with Gary Taylor-Fletcher and DJ Campbell beating a back 5 of Pepe Reina, Dani Agger, Martin Skirtel, Glen Johnson and Martin Kelly. This is inconceivable, but Blackpool do it, and they also show up every week, home and away, and go for it, no matter if the oppsition is Wigan or Arsenal. God bless Ian Holloway, we need more like him.

  10. Chris says:

    @Markell: Don’t get me wrong, I would duly laud Ollie’s achievements (with such meagre resources) to the hilt – it’s just the relentless torrent of ‘wacky’ guff that’s starting to rub me up the wrong way.

  11. Markell says:

    Agreed, the man is a nutjob, but I think the fair people of Blackpool are glad to have him, and he makes for an interesting quote. Do you think anyone else would do this? Imagine Old Rednose getting a 20mil bid for Nani, or Arsene Wenger getting a 20mil bid for Cesc Fabregas, would either tell the team who sent is just what they could do with themselves? Love it.

  12. Smith says:

    £3.5m is an insult for the value he has to Blackpool.

  13. Jay says:

    LOL @ liverpool, biggest club in the world!!!

  14. RedSkywalker says:

    I’ll agree with Holloway

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