Are Arsenal About To Dump Andrei Arshavin?

Chris Wright

13th, January 2011


By Chris Wright

After enduring yet another hideously out-of-sync performance for the Arsenal last night, it should come as no real surprise that Andrei Arshavin may just be foisted out of the Emirates during the January window – with Serie A bigwigs Juventus now poised to make a move for the ‘ickle Russian water-treader.

Arshavin’s representative, Dennis Lachter, has been busy telling all-and-sundry about the quandary in which his client currently finds himself:

“There’s a possibility of Andrei’s move to Juventus, but two things can prevent this deal – firstly, Arsenal can win the Premier League this year, which is a dream of any footballer

Secondly is the issue of Juve’s financial power, as Arsenal are demanding no less than £20 million to release Arshavin.”

On current form, would anyone actually notice he was gone?

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  1. JSP says:

    I sure hope so, and dump him off a very very high cliff if possible!!

  2. Dom says:

    JSP thats a little harsh – he’s done some good things for us this year. I’d still help him pack though. He’s just not fitting within the team ethos now.

  3. Chris says:

    Thank goodness. He’s not just suffering a bout of poor form, he’s showing off just how little he works and/or cares every time he hits the pitch. Wenger should’ve stopped sending him out there weeks ago.

  4. Simon says:

    I think he’s being unfairly targetted, he’s got the most assists for the team *and* he’s 3rd in the Premiership assists table! Not a bad effort really.

    He’s been making more silly mistakes and giving it away a lot, but hopefully it’s just a bad patch and he’ll be back to his best soon. Let’s face it, if he can get all those assists during a bad period, imagine how great he’ll be again once he sorts his head out!

  5. daniel says:

    sad story! I really like his style of playing football and i really hope that he will recovery. He is not the youngest, so if there is any offer about 20 million (euros btw.) Arsenal should let him go.
    would be probably a win-win-win (Arsenal-Arshawin-new club).

  6. Andy Mack says:

    I thought AA sacked him as his agent a couple of years back…..

  7. arsovo says:

    He is world class player once upon but you untrue gunners make him like that. I am worry it comes the day where Fab or Nasri will play lazily and halved hearted. When he is gud you give very much credit but when he fails to deliver you rubbish him. If you guys put ur brain in ur head and not in ur knee u shud know one has his good and bad day. True gunners will always stand behind the players whatever result they got.
    $ this thing I wuld like 2 salute MU supporters, they will never blame their team very hard if they fail to deliver.

  8. Ric says:

    yeah, Arsovo’s right. With him gone, would you rather have denilson or diaby on the pitch? Cmon, Arshavin is one of the best attacking mids in EPL. Look at modric, lampard, gerrard, david silva! Everyone has their bad moments one or two.

  9. 6ooner says:

    I can’t believe that in a first team that include Bendtner and Almunia poeple are starting to have a go at Andre, there’s nobody in the premiership who’s playing ‘world class’ at the moment and there are a lot of players out there on large salaries who are downright poor. Arshavin may have the odd bad game but let’s first lose the players who’re having a bad career.

  10. KDot says:

    Some of these comments amaze me, fair enough he’s been playing badly, but i’m sick and tired of these arm chair critics that think they know what they’re talking about when they actually know sweet f**k all, absolute idiots

  11. RvP says:

    Arsene, please dump him ! I’d look better without him on the pitch. I wanna play alongside Koscielny upfront, pleeeeeease

  12. Scott says:

    Let’s not do anyhting drastic here. He’s had some bad form recently, but he’ll get it sorted out. Even the best players go through a rough patch like this. Now about that central defense…

  13. Cal-Bell says:

    Is this what happens when players hit a slump? Thats all it is, You don’t See Liverpool wanting to dump Torres because he’s had a poor start of the season. Nor do you see Man United fans wanting to see the back Of wayne Rooney who, again, has had a poor season as well. Players hit bad form they all do, thats life.

  14. Montesquieu says:

    Ah ickle Arse-hole fans. Arshavin is still a good player who may be in a slump but ought to be given a chance.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t mind a straight swap for Chiellini

  16. supaphil says:

    Wouldn’t mind a straight swap for Chiellini.

  17. 5Ruz Sr. says:

    let AA23 rest and give another younger play like CV11 or JET play

  18. Nick Holloway says:

    Good player but not turning up at all, no matter who arsenal are playing. Get rid.

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