Mardy Bum Mourinho Prepared To Quit Real Madrid

Chris Wright

20th, January 2011


By Chris Wright

According to the Daily Mirror‘s ‘see what sticks’ football section, coach Jose Mourinho is fully ‘prepared to quit’ Real Madrid at the end of the season, after reaching the end of his luxuriantly-groomed tether with the club’s sporting director Jorge Valdano –who has yet again failed to impress our Portuguese protagonist, this time with his feeble efforts to sign a replacement for Real’s recently waylaid striker, Gonzalo Higuain.

Stuck without a replacement for Higuain, Mourinho apparently handed his immediate superior (in job title only, no-one is superior to Jose) a lengthy list of targets several weeks ago, though none have materialised – with poor old stricken Mou having to make do with just €35million’s worth of Karim Benzema to tide him over.

The long and short of it seems to be that, Mourinho wanted Fernando Llorente, Valdano wouldn’t pay €1bajillion for the pleasure, Mourinho had a little cry.

Any road up, Mourinho is clearly gettin’ too old for this sh*t:

“I am not the one to talk to about the strikers. I did all that in pre-season, when I said we needed more than two, and in November, when we all knew [Valdano] needed to give Higuain time to recover.

“So I am not saying anything. You can speak to the people who send out the messages. I’ve got to where I am because I think for myself. I’m too old for them to send me messages in newspapers.

“I’m a dinosaur and don’t go for that. I make my choices and if I have questions, I ask for advice from my staff.”

Rather inevitably, the Mirror also speculate that should the ‘Special One’ vacate his post at the Bernabeu, he may be set for a return to the Premier League in order to finally fulfil his destiny at Manchester United or replace Roberto Mancini once again, this time at Manchester City – to which I say both ‘pah!’ and, indeed, ‘pah!’.

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  1. Kevin Barry says:

    that would make Manchester City potential champs instead of potential chumps

  2. hollis says:

    Mourinho for West Ham!

  3. jim says:

    Anywhere in the premier league as he is good for the game.

  4. Aaron Ashcraft says:

    Mourinho has an incredible ego. I hope Jorge fires him!

  5. mike damone says:

    i’d bet on if he moves anywhere it’ll be chelsea. just a hunch though…

  6. donchymax says:

    He should be made clubless because he is a runaway soldier Win and run never has he defended any title he won that man is crazy the geatest football noise maker madrid should kick him out

  7. bradford says:

    agreed hollis. come to the hammers!!! :P

  8. bradford says:

    we have lots of funds too ;)

    the only person who would be allowed to play defensive football at upton park

  9. banks says:

    i think mourinho shud be left and do his job without too much involvement by jorge valdano.let the special 1 do his guys(madrid management) have been involved 2much in the coach`s affairs let any coach do iz job without yo arrogant voices am tired of ths bulshit,thats why u`ve bin changing coaches lyk hell.ten coaches in a short period.i luv ma team but ths s 2 much,

  10. pr says:

    i am with u pops, let morinho do his dammn job, he was born to win give him time and striker he wants, i still believe real can win a trofy. there is no coach in the world to save real if morinho quits. believe that shit.

  11. pr says:

    there is no coach in the present footbal senario to save real if morinho quits, they will have to restart all over again, sh#t takes time.

  12. Mac says:

    Mourinho is using his turbulent relationship with Jorge as an excuse to shirk away from the biggest challenge of his career. Snatching the title from the hand’s of FC Barcelona. A daunting task, he himself knows that will take something “special” to overcome.

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