Sell Dani Alves To Manchester City – Johan Cruyff

Ollie Irish

25th, January 2011


By Ollie Irish

Serial shit-stirrer Johan Cruyff says Barcelona would be nuts not to consider selling Dani Alves to Manchester City.

Alves is contracted at Barca until the summer of 2012 but is stalling on a contract extension as Barca refuse to meet his hefty wage demands.

“Barcelona are a sensational team with or without (Dani) Alves,” Cruyff told El Periodico Catalunya.

“Is it better to have him with us (Barcelona)? Sure. However, if Manchester City’s offer is for real it may be better to sell him rather than wait for his contract to end and then he will be free to leave.

“When a club like Manchester City comes along and breaks all the salary barriers like never before there isn’t much you can do. It doesn’t matter whether it is fair or not. That’s the way it is.

“It’s exactly the same as (Yaya) Toure. The coach (Pep Guardiola) wants Alves to stay, as he did with Toure – but what cannot be, cannot be.”

Cruyff has a point, no?

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  1. jojo says:

    no, he doesn’t have a point. alves is made for barca, and contributes a lot on the right flank. he is like a defender, midfielder and attacker in one and his runs add another dimension to barca’s game. just go to zonalmarking. net for a deep analysis.

    selling alves would be a big mistake. saying that barca will be equally as good without him is bullsh*t (maybe if maicon would be his replacement).

  2. me .. says:

    money is not everything :/

    Alves is perfect for barca .. no other player in the world can do what he does for the club .

  3. says:

    I think he would make any team that he’s on better with the exception of Man city, mainly for the fact that with the competition for the fullback position there he most likely would only start, at most, 2 out of every 3 games. I totally agree that the only proper replacement for him would be Maicon

  4. JB OGONY says:

    Selling Dani Alves will be a grave mistake for Barca. There is no player like him in the Right Back position. His muzzy runs and assists are second to non. Barca should carry on with the negotiation and increase the Brazilian’s salary. We still need Alves, Cruyff.

  5. EJK says:

    I think most of these responses are emotionally based. First,every player is replaceable. Second, he’s not getting younger in such a role as he’s made for himself. Third, think about 2 years down the road. Can he perform to the level he did 2 years ago today? Alves has played a role that has been essential to their brand of football but to not look at options, especially for his asking price is silly. Barcelona plays their brand of football – no matter who’s playing. I think the comments made are made by emotional want to be fans, not true, fully understanding grass roots Barcelona fans. The system is in place and as the world has seen, Barca can perform just fine without Dani at the highest level.

  6. Nick says:

    Every player that goes city purely goes for the money. Simple.
    That must feel nice for the fans.

  7. muyideen abdulganiyu says:

    Barcelona can do better without Dani,but we need him at Barcelona.His carrier may spoil at Man city.

  8. muyideen abdulganiyu says:

    Barcelona can do better without Dani,but we need him at Barcelona.Therefore,if he leaves,Barcelona will still perform wel.

  9. Edward says:

    Dani is fantastic. I think if he wants to leave, it is better to allow him, especially at this peak of his carreer to maximise returns for his skills. Barca can cope and will definitely cope!

  10. virg says:

    dani alvez is irreplacable…. he forms a powerfull connection with messi and xavi…

  11. Messi10 says:

    Well dani alves is an important player… YES!!! but the club FC Barcelona is more important… we can play with or without him but the fact is that he has become such an important member of the team that you can’t leave him atleast for now… i’d go for a contract extension!!! why are the players after money money and money when they get so much and dont have much to do with the money!!!!

  12. odhis says:

    Adout Dani, the issue is not whether Barca can do without Dani but it’s about- Dani fits well with Barca. Just like the whole Barca Squad. It’s ironical how Cruyff can say Barca should take the money and He is one of the guys who opposed the Qatar Sponsorship deal. Mr Cruyff, let Pep do his job and let Pep decide who leaves and who comes in.

  13. njobvu says:

    it is maddiness selling alves at this point and time. i like the way he plays at barca. let him be

  14. soy sauce says:

    it’s all about the money..if he deserves to get more salary,he can go to somewhere else just improve his skills and show that he deserves it…but it’s a a bit loss for barca to let his one of the best defenders of the team…but hey,barca keeps making great players there..from zero to a hero…no worries…

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