Fernando Torres Gives First Interview To Chelsea TV (Video)

Chris Wright

1st, February 2011


By Chris Wright

In which Fernando Torres delivers his parting shot, which duly plunges like a dagger through the hearts of Liverpool fans everywhere…

Whisper it, but doesn’t (a clearly knackered) Nando just look right decked in Chelsea blue?

Courtesy of Chelsea TV.

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  1. RedSkywalker says:

    No one wants to play for Liverpool. Brilliant

  2. pooky says:

    I wonder how many Liverpool fans would stay “loyal” to their jobs if offered better pay, less rain, a more flattering uniform and a chance of actual success in their chosen fields? Then again, I’m a Chelsea fan, so “Mwuahahahahaha…!!!”

  3. gamblino says:

    Nor so sure about less rain! But you’re right.

  4. Rainya says:

    I know he deserves success and hes been at liverpool forever but i was very sad when i learned he moved to chelsea because i hate the club, no offence. Ugh a/w i wish him luck and i wish he goes back to his good form

  5. Mr.Volatile says:


    youve got a point but i dont think they would wanna go near those cockney shithouses

  6. Philaldo9 says:

    Nice one ‘Nando, you’ve fucked my name right up.

    I must admit that when I saw this clip on the news last night I actually felt a pain in my stomach. Sounds melodramatic I know, but this is still horribly surreal.

    Regardless of his recent form, we thought he was one of us. He could have gone abroad with our blessing but he chose to spunk right in our collective eyes. The shitbag.

  7. Fernando proved his not a Red,Torres Torres!!
    The Money went right to his head Torres Torres!!
    Go to Chelsea,Ruin Your life,We hope John Terry f#4ks your wife. Get a life.
    We hope gerrard breaks ur leg. Fag Torres Fag Torres

  8. Chris says:

    Obviously too much time on my hands but it’s interesting to watch this with body language in mind. A right handed person will glance to their right – your left – while constructing “information”, only for a split second. When remembering actual events or trying to relay true emotion they will glance to their left – your right. Also watched for nodding of the head yes while saying no and visa versa. Speaks volumes if you believe in that sort of thing.

  9. gamblino says:

    I can’t be arsed to watch again and look for those things in the video Chris so what are you suggesting his body is saying?

  10. Raider says:

    He’s now a blue he was a red – Torres! Torres!
    He’s left The Kop to join The Shed – Torres! Torres!
    He used to go out on the rob,
    But now he’s got a proper job
    Fernando Torres – Chelsea’s new number nine!
    They thought he’d always be a red – Torres! Torres!
    You’ll never walk alone he said – Torres! Torres!
    They bought the lad from sunny Spain,
    He scored a few then grew a brain
    Fernando Torres – Chelsea’s new number nine!

  11. tom says:

    get over it.he is a good player but 50 mil,(how hes worth more than villa i dont know)is a great deal,oh wait you wasted most of it on carroll.35 mil,ur avin a larf.ps:philaldo9,classic post.

  12. Chris says:

    Well, tha split second before he answers most of these questions while his mind is constructing what he will say his eyes dart to his right. Except when asked about leaving Liverpool. Then they dart to his left before he begins to answer. By usual lie-detecting standards this means during most of this interview he’s not telling the truth except when he talks about leaving Liverpool being difficult.
    There are additional tells – shrugging indicates the person doesn’t believe in the validity of what they’re stating. Shaking your head no while stating something positive – and visa-versa – is the body unconciously telling the truth. Add it all together and you got a REALLY miserable guy trying to sound convincing even to himself.
    Sorry that turned out so long…

  13. gamblino says:


  14. redknapp says:

    bastard! idiot! i wish you bad luck all the time and hope you retired this sunday! broken leg and cannot walk again! god damn you!

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