Tottenham Confirm £35m Deadline Bid For Giuseppe Rossi

Chris Wright

2nd, February 2011


By Chris Wright

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has continued with his customary post-deadline day ‘the chairman nearly did a deal for x,y and z’ palava, claiming that the club lodged a late £35 million bid for Villarreal striker Giuseppe Rossi.

Redknapp told the PA:

“(Spurs chairman) Daniel Levy always said that if we found the right player then we would have gone for him but it was difficult.

“He tried something with Giuseppe Rossi. I think he offered £35 million in the end. It’s hard to get top players unless you pay top money.

“But, you couldn’t get Rossi because Villarreal don’t want to sell you him.

“The chairman would have bought someone for £30 million though, for sure. He wanted to bring someone in.

“There was no doubt that he wanted to do it. He wanted to get somebody in and if Daniel and (Spurs owner) Joe Lewis can find the right people they will have a go again.”

Harry Redknapp, the grammatical equivalent of a petrol-driven woodchipper.

Anyway, would this ‘ere Giuseppe Rossi be the very same Giuseppe Rossi that signed a contract extension with Villareal until the summer of 2016 just six days beforehand (January 25th)?

Why yes, yes it would.

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  1. gaptooth says:

    why would rossi leave
    villareal are chasing real madrid for second and they are pretty much guaranteed
    champions league football , hes also playing alongside some extremely good players whos values are also rising , cani and nilmar in particular – tottenham are looking an outside bet for the champions league,

    also i genuinely think the guys physique is not suited to the premiership unless he is integrated into arsenal and their style of play

  2. GEORGE says:


  3. jim says:

    i think we were after a striker who can lead the line on his own?? Is Rossi really that striker? Another tiny player to play in our tiny team. We dodged a bullet there, way over priced and no better than we already have.

  4. Hootie says:

    He’s better than Andy Carroll, at least.

  5. romfordray says:

    As a stateside Arsenal fan, I would have loved to see traitor Joe play for the Spuds. Another reason to hate them more.

  6. Ruperto says:

    Is It Me Or Doesn’t His Head Look To Big For His Body In This Pic

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