Everton About To Sack David Moyes?

Chris Wright

2nd, February 2011


By Chris Wright

Odds are crashing left, right and centre and the Twittersphere is rife with speculation that Everton and manager David Moyes are set to part company before the end of the day.

Sky Bet are currently rating the odds on Moyes’ possible departure as ‘evens’, after apparently taking a ‘flurry of bets’ on the eyebrow-less Scot walking by close of play tonight.

Could be nothing, could be a complete disaster from a Toffees perspective –  but we’ll keep you posted either way…

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  1. No. Is the short answer.

    But bookies loving gullible Liverpool fans. They made a fortune on the Henry to Liverpool rumour that they dreamed up in the past. And now, having lost Torres, the bitter morons will be bated into betting on another bookies creation…Moyes next prem manager out.

    I say go bookmakers go, take the rotten hord for every penny you can!

  2. hollis says:

    Moyes for West Ham!

  3. Redders says:

    What a joke – do you really fall for such rubbish. Next you’ll be telling us Liverpool believe they can make the Champs Lge places – ha ha ha ha

  4. johnny says:

    Hope this is True, Let him take the Hammers down instead !!! Awful substitutions last night. Hope Blue bill and Phillip Green and Robert Earle all go as well. Whoopee Doo !!!!! Kenright has been lying for years. Now the club will really be up for sale.

  5. yozzer says:

    Moyes to west ham? no way he would take that huge drop down!

  6. greg says:

    its not his fault the club cant afford to bring in new players. let him stay, he’s done brilliantly with what he has been given to work with

  7. Mikeefc says:

    Everton fan says: Moyes wont be sacked if anything it will be him resigning because Bill Kenwright is giving him nothing to work with. He hides away and leaves Moyes hung out to dry trying to explain to everyone why he hasnt signed anyone while Bill hides away in the backround:

  8. gerwyn griffiths says:

    I hope he does not go , If he does go I think kenwright would hire andy gray with the football brain we would not need to buy the best player or spend big it will be up kenwright street it is a load of tosh that moyes will go if he doses it will be in the summer

  9. […] continued, berating his Everton counterpart David Moyes (who very much didn’t get sacked yesterday) for flagging up Fabregas’ conduct during his post-match […]

  10. […] everton about to sack david moyes – whoateallthepies.tv mid-sized club managers are falling like flies this season, aren’t they?  first it was martin o’neill jumping ship from aston villa, then big sam unfairly biting the bullet at blackburn, then chris houghton stupidly getting the sack at newcastle. all three good managers (well, two good and one “galactically great” manager if you ask allardyce), all three really should probably still be heading the charge at their former clubs. and now it looks like everton’s david moyes could be soon joining them in the unemployment line. […]

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