‘When I Left Liverpool, It Was Like I’d Killed Someone’ – Javier Mascherano

Chris Wright

4th, February 2011


By Chris Wright

Barcelona pine-warmer Javier Mascherano has criticised former club Liverpool for the way in which they handled both his and Fernando Torres’ recent exits – claiming that when he left the club under a self-engineered cloud last summer, he was made to feel as though he had ‘killed someone’.

Mascherano told ESPN:

“I was not surprised about what happened with Fernando. When I left Liverpool, it looked as if I had killed someone.

“It is sad that the people who did something important with the club have to leave by the back door.

“It is sad that the press and the club try to convince people that it is all the player’s fault when the reality is that Liverpool didn’t show the interest in keeping us in the club.

“The most important players didn’t leave the club well. I spoke with Fernando and I said to him that he doesn’t have to be worried because he did his best for the club.

“Even though he didn’t win any trophies, he was a very important player and helped this club all the time.”

This being the same Javier Mascherano that preened and moped until he was offered a new contract in April, stalled on signing it for nearly two months then remained completely incommunicado after slunking off on holiday to Miami for a fortnight, flirted with Inter Milan across the bar then eventually blamed his decision to up-sticks and join Barca for £22 million on his wife’s failure to find the right Spanish-language book club.

Poor lamb.

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  1. frank says:

    well you did leave in a similar manner as torres .
    you kept the media informed abt yr desire to leave – and you refused to play against Man C

    So just like torres you deserve all the abuse given

  2. nick D says:

    But at least your now doing a great job at Barca keeping the bench warm, must be great being at a club where your really wanted.

  3. Calski says:

    Why do footballers have no respect for clubs that saved their career?

  4. Dave says:

    Was always a silly little pr*ck. Neither of them left on good terms because they wanted to leave the club that loved them.

    In contrast, Babel left (who never connected with the fans) and sent a big thank you message via twitter.

  5. Donner Meat says:

    Lucas is playing better this season for us than he ever did and unlikes Mascerano he can actually pass the ball.

  6. C says:

    Hypocrisy 101. Masch should be holding seminars.

  7. jojo says:

    @ Calski:

    saved their career? so you don’t think he would be a great player when he would have signed with another club? liverpool saved his career? it’s the other way around. liverpool should be grateful that torres and masch wanted to sign there.

  8. Calski says:

    @Jojo – When Masch was at west ham, he was shocking. Yet liverpool took him on paying a substantial fee for someone who was playing terribly. He then repaid there faith in him, by demanding a transfer to a bigger club. I can understand that, however he should pay the club, that he used as a stepping stone to a bigger club, a little more respect and not slagging them off. God, I never new the day that I’d be sticking up for Liverpool.

  9. kelti says:

    he can’t be that stupid, can he? if he dumps his girlfriend, does he expect flowers plus greeting card from her family as well?

    champagne for everyone, when such players leave my beloved club

  10. Hard Hitter says:


  11. Hard Hitter says:

    hey mascherano! fuck you too!!!

  12. SD says:

    ‘When I Left Liverpool, It Was Like I’d Killed Someone’ – Javier Mascherano

    With that face he might as well have.

  13. k says:

    lol seriously, can anyone even blame him.

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  15. Tom Jones says:

    “When I Left Liverpool, It Was Like I’d Killed Someone”

    And that’s not what you do in Liverpool. In Liverpool you steal whatever you can.

  16. Jaillate says:

    I hate this man and he is a shite footballer, Barcelona have a team of beautiful footballers so with this move he was always going to be found out.

    Over rated, over paid Argie with no loyalty for any team. Dog. Good luck to him because his face hurts me.

    And Maxi Rodrigues is diabolical also. Terrible footballer.

    Why does Masch think he’s a good footballer?

  17. redder says:

    Most ugly face player in barcelona team, uglier than Puyol. agreed EVERYBODY? I NEED RESPONSE AND SUPPORT TO FUCK HIM!

  18. redder says:

    Leaked news!: Mascherano transmitted AIDS! beware Torres afterward you also transmitted. he should join Chelsea instead of barcelona coz chelsea team got a lots of bastard and idiots player that same ranked with this serial killer!

  19. eliottelrojo says:

    Is this the same Mascherano who refused to play against Manchester City? Is this the same Mascherano who informed all spanish-speaking press about his English depression?yes,it’s the same Mascherano who’s now warming the bench at Barcelona.

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