‘Cesc Fabregas Deal Is Dead For Now’ – Barcelona Chief Raul Sanllehi

Chris Wright

9th, February 2011


By Chris Wright

Barcelona director Raul Sanllehi has taken time out of his hectic schedule to reveal to the waking world that the Catalan club currently have no plans to launch another bid for Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas – isn’t that good of him?

Sanllehi blabbed to Sky Sports News:

“Cesc is a great Catalan player. He played for us as a kid and he will be welcome back at Barcelona for the Champions League match – however, right now, everything is dead regarding a transfer.”

Christ on a bike! I’d quite forgotten that Cesc had Catalan roots. ‘Memory like a sieve’ and all that…

Incidentally, the two clubs are set to meet in the Champions League next week, but it would surely be over-cynical to suggest that that would have had any bearing on the timing of Señor Sanllehi’s non-statement.

Thankfully, it’s nigh-on impossible to be bored by Barca’s incessent haranguing of Fabregas, or we’d all be driven to distraction by it by now.

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  1. spectator says:

    rough translation: we already have enough small, sleek midfield coupes and we don’t really have the cash anyway.

  2. dc says:

    not entirely true, the board of directors has officially set aside 45 million euros for summer transfers, according to sport.es

  3. Mike says:

    If Andy Carroll went for 35 Million Pounds, Cesc is gonna cost more than 45 million euros, particularly with 4 years left on his deal.

  4. Shane says:

    Well of course the deal is dead for now…it’s February. I’m sure the press will ensure it’s back on for around June though!

  5. Philaldo9 says:

    They only need Cesc when Xavi retires. Might aswell let him keep playing for Arsenal for a few years rather than letting him stagnate on the Barca bench.

    Three, maybe four, years down the line is when they should make their move. I doubt they will though.

  6. Class Act says:

    This saga is fukkkkking boring me to tears now. Who gives a fukk. Barca have a class team and he is not good enough to push Xavi ort iniesta out of the team.

    On another note, if Carroll is worth 35 million Fabregas must be worth about 80 million, Definitely.

    35 Million ha ha h ah ha ha ah ah ah ha ha ha funny. the english sure do love themselves

  7. MORO ISAAC DE GOONER!!! says:

    What is in every one’s mind is that Fabregas will be sooner than later in camp nou.they will need him as a cover if any of the two playmakers gets injured. bet me if it won’t happen.

  8. Anonymous says:

    1. It’s February. Of course the deal’s dead.
    2. Xavi won’t be retiring anytime soon, and our captain shouldn’t leave just to languish on a bench
    3. After Xavi retires, there’s Alcantara and co. to take his place; players who doesn’t need time to re-adapt to the Barça style

    Basically, he shouldn’t leave. Period.

  9. myke says:

    AM a lover of arsenal fc our great club. the truth is that a good soup costs some money to make. Cesc should not be sold for cheap at all.To nothing less than 50 should be acceptable,

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