If John Terry is disloyal, what about Xabi Alonso?

Ollie Irish

29th, July 2009


A Real Madrid fan holds up a Xabi Alonso Liverpool shirt during a recent friendly between Real and Al Ittihad at the Bernabeu
Xabi Alonso is one of those players who even most non-Liverpool fans have a sneaking (or open) fondness for. I’ve heard several fans say they think Xabi is overrated but I’ve never heard a fan really tear into Alonso. And several supporters I know adore Alonso, who is a proper footballer, not one of those crop of modern players who makes up for his lack of ability by relying on his superior athleticism.

Imagine if Steven Gerrard had been at the centre of a “will-he, won’t-he?” transfer tussle with Real Madrid throught the summer, as Alonso has been. Fans would be questioning Gerrard’s loyalty. There would be a heap of critisicm. But in Alonso’s case, I’ve not heard anyone come out and slag him off for holding out for a move to Spain.
Yet Xabi’s silence on this matter has been just as deafening as that of John Terry’s; the England and Chelsea skipper eventually turned down a move to Man City and then had the nerve to claim he was never, ever going to leave.
So if Terry is branded disloyal or greedy, how does Alonso’s whiter-than-white reputation remain intact? Is the Spaniard not guilty of the same dallying?
I suspect it’s a simple matter of popularity. Many non-Chelsea fans despise John Terry, whereas Alonso is widely respected and liked.
Would be interested to hear Liverpool fans’ take on the Alonso situation. At time of writing, Alonso’s future was still unclear, with Rafa Benitez reportedly asking his player to make his mind up asap. Real Madrid, meanwhile, don’t want to pay more than £30m for Alonso. (I’d value Alonso at £25-28m.)
Anyhoo, comments please…

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  1. swiller says:

    alonso has stated that he would like to move to madrid if the two clubs can do a deal so how is that staying silent?

  2. Kipp says:

    I am an Alonso man, his style of play, work ethic and professionalism has been exemplary. I feel that this will-he wont-he saga is a bit much, and smacks a bit of paper talk. Real are interested, Liverpool has a price and Xabi is all but indifferent. It’s win win for him, two great teams vying for him.
    The differences in the Terry saga are what makes this double-standard you speak of non-existant. For one it is reported Terry kept schtum to increase his bargaining power for a new and better contract. Xabi is not. Xabi was being hocked around Europe last season for a fraction of his cost now, and kept quiet. When he wasn’t sold he had one of his best seasons in a red shirt. Man City are all about the money, Real Madrid (to an extent) the prestige. Three words, Champions League Football all the guys who will shout about Madrid’s spending this summer.
    So thats why i believe (rather biasedly) that Xabi isn’t guilty of the same sort of shenanagins as Terry.

  3. megaman789 says:

    Alonso can’t go!!!
    Plz Alonso don’t leave!!!
    Real Madrid sucks and you won’t be respected there as much at here at Liverpool!!!
    Liverpool fans love you and would not want you to go!!!
    I would hold out for Alonso infinitely no matter what price cuz he is invaluable to our team!!!!
    Without him Liverpool’s chances of winning the league get cut by half!!!

  4. angelina says:

    the fans showed how much they loved him last summer and now during the tour in asia.
    he should AT LEAST pay them back SAYING something. i can understand he wants to leave but grr, at least show some respect for those who have been cheering for you through the good and the bad times.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The reason I don’t blame Alonso for seeking a move is because of the way he was treated last summer by Rafa. Benitez was openly trying to sell him to raise money to buy Gareth Barry, so I understand if Alonso feels not wanted. I really hope he stays, but wouldn’t blame him if he goes.

  6. Anthony says:

    There is a lot of background to the Alonso saga too. There seems to be personal issues with Rafa and vice-versa.
    Xabi has never said he doesn’t want to play for Liverpool, but he has pretty much said he doesn’t want to play for Benitez any more.
    It’s not a purely footballing thing, it’s a personal thing. So not like Terry at all.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Liverpool fan and I’ve heard a lot of fans – particularly those who actually go to matches and know something about the game, accuse Alonso of being disloyal. I agree with them. A year ago he’d had 2 poor seasons and appeared disinterested, yet Benitez had still shown faith in him. THAT’S why he was worth less then and we were prepared to sell him. He was given another chance and responded to the challenge. Now he is ignoring the fans, the club, and the fact he has 3 years left on his contract to engineer a move to Real Madrid whose tapping up of Alonso has been disgraceful. Funny how Real Madrid complain he is overpriced because he was so much cheaper a year ago yet I don’t recall this horrible, corrupt club trying to buy Alonso a year ago? Also as I recall RM said they don’t have any alternatives because there aren’t any players with Alonso’s skills available!
    Given his behaviour I’d be happy if he went asap – but for the going market rate – and I wish RM and their collection of overpriced prima donna’s all the ill luck in the world.

  8. rowan says:

    simple. Alonso is spanish. Terry is born and bred Chelsea and was considering moving to a smaller, non-chmapions league playing, non title challenging team for money. Terry already earns well over £120,000 per week…

  9. Delboy Dublin says:

    “So if Terry is branded disloyal or greedy, how does Alonso’s whiter-than-white reputation remain intact?”… maybe because Alonso isn’t a thuggish, referee-harassing, late-tackling, racist scumbag?… just a though

  10. wllmhll says:

    last summer was quite embarassing for someone like alonso, he was almost sold to juventus by rafa benitez, but then rafa decided that he might need him. good business to sell to madrid.

  11. Anonymous says:

    If Alonso slaps in a transfer request it will strengthen Real’s hand and weaken ours. By letting the clubs do it between themselves, we retain the upper hand and Xabi probably realises this.
    If he comes out and asks for a transfer then Real know they do not have to do anything in a hurry and we cannot hold out for top dollar.
    If this is what Xabi is thinking then he is trying not to stitch up the club on the fee, which is being loyal to LFC. More than you can say for some others who have left the club.

  12. jeneria says:

    I agree with rowan.
    I don’t want to see Alonso go because I think Liverpool need him if they are to win the title this season. However, Alonoso is Spanish. His family is in Spain. Pepe Reina has also said he wants to return to Spain. It makes sense, that’s where they are from.
    If it were purely about money–that would make Alonso less likable. By not slapping a transfer request on Liverpool, I think Alonso is showing that he is dedicated to the team and to the fans, if not the coach. But I also think that if he stays this season, Rafa will have to let him go next season.

  13. Cavalry says:

    Has Alonso ever said he’d be at Liverpool until the end of his career? It’s silly to expect every player at Anfield to want to stay there forever, so it’s not surprising that this one would like to leave, especially with the way Benitez treated him (quite frankly, it’s hilarious to watch him cling to Alonso after he was so keen to get rid of him). Plus, leaving for trophies isn’t shameful like leaving for money. Unless something changes for Liverpool, they’re not going to get #19 anytime soon, so I don’t blame Alonso for jumping ship.
    For the record, I like JT over Alonso.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Xabi is Spanish, imagine if Rooney or Gerrard played outside of England, they would jump at the chance to play with a big English club in their home country

  15. Rafo26 says:

    Liverpool fan here,I would love Xabi to stay,if we could just keep hold of him for one more season it would be great,however Rafa did try his very best to offload him to Juve last season,as much as i’d be gutted he left i’d still have a lot of respect for him!

  16. Nathan says:

    There, I think that little edit should make our feelings sufficiently clear. You’ve broken my heart Xabi!

  17. Jamie Tobin says:

    I think he is a scumbag, he used to be my favourite player, now I think he’s a dick.
    If he goes to Real I hope it ruins his career like Michael Owen. He’s a fool if he thinks he’s gonna get first team football at Real.
    I can understand why he would be annoyed with Rafa but don’t take it out on the fans who lobe him and believe he is a crucial part of our team if we want to push for a title.
    Down with Real down with Alonso

  18. louis says:

    alonso is a disloyal dick

  19. Jamie Tobin says:

    I retract my statement

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