Roman Abramovich to face £5.5bn divorce battle?


16th, October 2006

The News of the Screws ran an interesting story yesterday on the state of Roman Abramovich‘s marriage. If what they say is true (and there’s no guarantee of that), things look pretty bad for Roman, who could lose half of his dosh in a divorce settlement. His wife, Irina (pictured, left), has reportedly called in a couple of hotshot divorce laywers (nicknamed Jaws and Mr Payout) in the light of her husband’s ‘close friendship’ with 23-year-old model Daria Zhokova (pictured, right). If they do break up, the Chelski owner faces the biggest divorce payout in history: £5.5bn, half of his £11bn fortune. Ouch. Of course, there is no hard evidence that any of this is about to happen, but that’s never stopped the Screws before.

So, Irina, what was it you first saw in the multi-billionaire Roman Abramovich?

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