‘Jose Enrique To Liverpool Is A Done Deal’ – Phil Thompson Lets One Slip On Norwegian TV (With Video)

Chris Wright

11th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

“Phil Thompson said what?”

Speaking to a Norwegian station TV2, former Liverpool perm-merchant Phil Thompson has claimed that a £15 million deal to bring Newcastle left-back to Anfield is a ‘done deal’ and that the Spaniard will be joining the club in the summer – or whatever…


Considering Thompson’s ties with King Kenny, it’s hard to write this off as just more of Thommo’s usual inane bumblings – looks like ‘Pool are on the cusp of landing themselves a shiny new left-back.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Tinez says:

    Let’s see the colour of your money Thommo, you scouse prick. Talking about other clubs (and I see other clubs because Thommo is virtually backroom staff at ‘pool) players in this way is disrespectful. No surprise.

  2. Shane says:

    Can’t believe we’ve given Newcastle £50million for Carroll & Enrique! Mike Ashley must be pissing himself laughing.

  3. syndex says:

    Red shite merchants were chirping about how baines was a done deal at the weekend so I wouldn’t pay it much mind. With the combined genius of thommo and kenny you can sell them Kuqi for 20m

  4. Anonymous says:

    £15mil? Really?

  5. Calski says:

    Why are you laughing? £15 mill for Enrique is a bargain, he is arguably one of the best left backs in the country. Ok granted Ashley is laughing over Carroll.

  6. t00n says:

    £15 million is a bargain, and Enrique can do much better for himself than Liverpool..

  7. Sex God says:

    next to go will be gutierrez
    fuckin sexy bastard

  8. Pete says:

    Enrique is class, adventurous going forward, solid at the back, constantly punking people running at him. Watching some Newcastle games, it’s surprising how physical he is. Almost none of the opposition scoring against Newcastle has come down his side of the field all season.

    Also, left back is an enormous hole to fill. I’m willing to wager no one can come up with 10-12 left backs better than him (it’s harder than it sounds), and that makes it a great get for Liverpool.

    Personally I think 15mil is a weak valuation. Obviously 35mil for Carroll was absolutely laughable, but I think that was a case of two clubs (Liverpool and Newcastle) collectively scalping Chelsea, who were desperate for Torres (who knows why). He’s pacy, crosses the ball excellently, and Liverpool are dying for service and wing play. Plus he’s a little bit familiar with Carroll (always a problem when a big changes clubs–getting their timing down and understanding their runs).

    I think it makes sense, and Newcastle would be sorry to lose him.

  9. Andrew Thompson says:

    Enrique is out of contract next year so 15 mil is actually a lot really.
    could easily play for champions league teams.
    I will miss him if he leaves, some player, going forward and at the back

  10. TravisKOP says:

    eh, pool can do better, and i agree, dont talk bout shit going down unless it already has. it seems too unprofessional

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