‘I Want To Leave Man City’ – Carlos Tevez Doesn’t Mince His Words

By Chris Wright

In no uncertain terms, Carlos Tevez has gone public with his desire to leave Manchester City this summer – just days after Roberto Mancini told the waking world that the little hobgoblin had verbally agreed to stay on at the club for at least another season.

Tevez told Argentinian radio station Radio Del Plata:

“I want to leave Manchester City. Football has changed a lot for me and I don’t know if I will even make it to the next World Cup. And that has nothing to do with whether I’m selected or not.

“I’ve been treated very well [at City] and I’m grateful. I also gave my everything for the club to receive the results it has had. But I need a change of scene.”

When asked where he feels his future may now lie, Tevez responded:

“To go back to Boca Juniors would be beautiful but it is very difficult. But if we’re speaking seriously, financial issues would make my return difficult.”

Galling? Maybe. Surprising? Not in the slightest – seems like Captain Carlos is exactly a stickler for the ‘long-term’ approach.

It’s almost inevitable that Tevez will cite his never-ending ‘family issues’ for wanting to up-sticks and get the hell out of Dodge but, in that case, surely a move anywhere other than back home to Argentina is just prolonging the agony for his lovelorn kiddywinks?

That is, unless Carlitos is a king-sized bull-shitter.


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  1. Bean says:

    “make it to the next World Cup” is there a world cup next year? or is this a really old interview?

  2. Bean says:

    this article sounds like shit-stiring to me.

  3. pooky says:

    Carlitos is a king-sized bull-shitter.

  4. CFC_Jay says:

    @ Bean…….he said “make it to the next world cup” not next years world cup! where did you get next year from???!!??
    Seriously whats the problem Carlos? yes you may want to go home and be with family but surely sticking it out for another few years (you can only have max 5 good years left) for a another few million per year wont hurt. You’ll have plenty of years to spend with family when you retire.
    Bloody prescious footballers hahahaha!

  5. Redskywalker says:

    Goodbye to Manchester

  6. Chris T says:

    @ CFC_Jay
    It has always seemed that Tevez is one of the few footballers who doean’t move merely for money, he has made a big thing of how hard it is for him to be away from his family and how he doesn’t get to see them, 5 years might not seem a lot within a lifespan, but to miss a large percentage of your children growing up over 5 years is a massive deal, and something I respect him for aring about. I certainly think that this is not merely another case of another footballer trying to bring about a move for more money.

  7. Aron says:

    Its tough to blame the guy if he is serious about the family issues. Millions a year wouldn’t be enough to keep me away from my boys, especially over a long period of time. If he just does this to orchestrate a move to spain or italy, then he’s a jackass…

  8. aspers says:

    money grabbing bull-shiter

  9. AFJ says:

    Why can’t he bring his family to England? It’s stupid. He’s the one making huge amounts of money for his family, the least they could do, is come to live in England for a few years!

  10. Jimbo says:

    he meant the next world cup as in THE NEXT WORLD CUP. he didn’t say next year.
    and he can’t move his family to england because he left his wife and the kids live with her in argentina. why would his EX move to a foreign country, where neither her or the kids speak the language, for a bloke that dumped her? which woman would? it’s really not complicated. the guy has no loyalty but you can’t blame him for wanting to be near his kids

  11. The Yank says:

    As soon as City win their first trophy in ages, their captain wants to leave? Shocker.

  12. Anabelle says:

    He’ll leave Man City.

    He did the same thing when he was at Corinthias. First said was going to stay. Then at the last minute, he was gone.

  13. Connor says:

    If he wants to see his family, they can move. no way can a club in argentina afford him (if anyone can) and he signed a five year deal, so too bad, carlos. looks like you’re sticking around. unless you’re willing to buy out your contract to return home. put your money where your mouth is and i’d be impressed

  14. nick says:

    i dont understand why he cant just bring his family to manchester to stay with him, and see the every single day, he certainly has the financial means to do so. has to be something else there, hopefully he isnt just trying to force is way out.

  15. somervillain says:

    Except Tévez is now denying making these comments.

  16. Jimbo says:


  17. James says:

    if he misses his family so much, he could surely take a pay cut to be with his family, (surely he doesnt need too much more dosh)hes putting money before his family living in England, hes a dog anyway

  18. Del says:

    If he wants to be with his family then let him go. No need for any unpleasantness.

    Besides City have more than enough funds to replace him. ;-)

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