‘It’s True, Cesc Wants To Go To Barca’ – Bacary Sagna Says All The Wrong Things

Chris Wright

15th, June 2011


By Chris Wright

We’re not going to dally too long over this one as, frankly, we find the whole ongoing ‘Fabregas to Barca’ rigmarole bloody tedious, as we’re sure you do too by now.

Anywhom, we think it’s fairly safe to assume that Cesc’s Arsenal teammate Bacary Sagna has hardly waffled his way into Arsene Wenger’s good books – giving French radio station RMC a comprehensive rundown of all the reasons why his captain will be returning home to Catalonia before too long:

“I can say it’s true that Cesc wants to go to Barca. Fabregas wants to return to his country of birth, to his city, where his family are.

“He wants to play for one of the best teams in the world, Barcelona, and that’s understandable – at the moment, however, he is still Arsenal’s captain.”

We know that he probably meant absolutely nothing by it, but…y’know?…just keep schtum laddy.

Sagna then turned his sights to Samir Nasri’s immediate future, giving the slightest of hints that he feels it may not lie at Arsenal:

“Samir is happy at Arsenal, but I don’t know if it’s the best thing for his career.

“He has been one of the best players in the team this season and he is one of the icons of this team. I hope to find him there when we return for (pre-season) training.”


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  1. TravisKOP says:

    if nasri and fabregas both leave arsenal i think we can all assume they arent winning any trophies soon

  2. Mr. Angry says:

    fabregas is a fucking little prick! hope he fucks off to barcelona real soon, cant stand the arrogant little shithead!

  3. Mr.Happy says:

    to Mr. Angry.
    vete a freir esparragos, rabioso. Visca el Barca!!!!

  4. Redskywalker says:

    @TravisKOP if nasri and fabregas both stay at arsenal i think we can all assume they arent winning any trophies soon

  5. herman says:

    I’m an arsenal fan and I’d say sell both of them. Their whining, petulant, prepubescent ideas of a god given right to success are the essence of our capitulation this year. Ramsey and Wilshire are ready and with the added cash of losing Fab/Nas, along with a bunch of others stealing a salery, we may, just may, even add players that can give some balance. Would love to see a more resilent spine in the team. Cahill, Parker and someone half decent enough to get 10/15 a year up front? Fuck it get anelka back lol

  6. __wowza says:

    @herman: are all arsenal fans this fickle?

  7. romfordray says:

    People who bash both Cesc and Nasri forget how utterly poor we looked last season without those two. Don’t forget Cesc’s PK against Barca with a broken leg last year either to go with his backheel flick this year. The point is, be careful what you wish for. But then again, we might actually buy half-decent player and win trophies for a change….naaah!

  8. Philippe says:

    The combination of terrible French and English journalistic standards creates a scandal out of a non-story

    He was speaking hypothetically about both of them. I don’t know how a player is supposed to communicate with media, when there attempts to not say anything definitive, because they don’t know anything are misinterpreted into declarative statements. People forget on this blog that they aren’t getting info from a primary source. This is actually third hand(Bacary Sagna speaking to Luis Fernandez on RMC Radio, misquoted by French papers, terrible translations from that make it to this blog)

    The real, Shorter Bacary Sagna: “I don’t know diddly about what’s going to happen.”

    The only thing definitive that he said was that it seems more likely for Cesc to leave, compared to last year. But whatever.


    The interview with Sagna is about 21 minutes in.

  9. Solihull United says:

    deja vu. cesc, shut the f**k up, youre not leavin mate

  10. The Ostrich says:

    Bacary Sagna should be renamed “Le Sigh”, as in:

    I hope Fabregas comes back to Arsenal he’s my captain *Sigh*, I hope Nasri comes back to training *LE FOOKING SIGH*

  11. machine gooner funk says:

    i understand he wants to go to barca its his childhood team and his family’s there amd blah blah blah but where does he see himself in barca’s first XI? theyre not gonna bench xavi or iniesta for him i mean maybe some games but he’ll be primarily a sub unless they play him as a striker instead of pedro but they wont bc theyre breaking the bank to get alexis sanchez for that position. winning titles is obviously very important to cesc but he doesnt strike me as the type to be content getting winners medals for sitting on the bench or coming on as a sub. to make matters worse barca think 35 million euros (not pounds, euros!) is too much for one of the best creative, scoring, own the pitch midfielders in the world. if kaka (who has lived up to his name at real) is worth 55 mil pounds than cesc is worth atleast 60, he shits on kaka, runs circle around him talent wise. cesc is better than xavi but even if they did give in and pay what hes worth barca would never bench xavi in favor of cesc, and he is better he gets more assists, scores more goals, is better in the middle of the pitch winning 50/50 balls,and tracks back better. his situation now would be ideal if we were winning the league and trophies. hes the captain, the fans worship him, and he orchestrates everything. put everything into winning at arsenal and be a football god, in cuntalonia hed be just another player. he wouldnt be the face, the icon of the team

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