‘What’s Going On At Toon FFS?’ – Joey Barton Perplexed As Kevin Nolan Toddles Off To West Ham

Chris Wright

15th, June 2011


By Chris Wright

With the brow-furrowing news that Kevin Nolan is currently undergoing a medical ahead of a move to West Ham this afternoon, Newcastle cohort Joey Barton – along with the majority of the watching world – has reacted with a big fat hairy ‘eh?’, hinting to the Twittersphere that there may well be a mini-exodus on the cards at St James’ Park this summer…

Word on the wire is that Newcastle were unwilling to crowbar a potentially lucrative clause in Nolan’s new contract that would see him earn increasingly hefty bonuses depending on the club’s finishing position in the league next season – but don’t hold us to that.

While it may not be clear what’s going on at Toon, it’s become abundantly clear what new Hammers’ boss Sam Allardyce is up to.

With a deal for Abdoulaye Faye already sewn up, Nolan on the way and talks reportedly opened with Ricardo Gardner – he’s obviously set about reuniting his glorious Bolton squad of 2005/06!

Anyone know where we can get hold of Bruno N’Gotty, Jared Borgetti, Hidetoshi Nakata and Matt Jansen?

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  1. Man on the Tyne Bridge says:

    Anyone who wants to go and play for fatface Alerdice has got no brain. theres better football in the park every night

  2. Davy says:

    WTF are we doing? Anyway its not who we sell but who we bring in to replace them that matters most. That said i am gutted to see Nolan (and most likely Barton) leave. 2 players prepared to knuckle down when needed. Check Tiote…..Please dont go!!

  3. Calski says:

    There was no need to add #mejoseandjonasnext on the end? Literally no point, and now it makes Jonas a target for media stories. Joey has passion, and I really like that, but that was a bit daft. Here comes the mass exodus out of Saint James park…Sorry ‘sportsdirect.com @ St James’Park’

  4. JS says:

    The exodus won’t be down to Barton’s tweet, it’ll be down to Mike Ashley’s mind-boggling, bottomless greed.

  5. Kev says:

    Haha well said Dan!

  6. Calski says:

    Just to play devils advocate, Maybe there isn’t room in Newcastle’s midfield next season? Maybe Kevin Nolan, is past it and they can’t justify paying a 30+ year old 40k a week who can’t get into the squad? Maybe the smart money is to make some cash out of him now and re-invest it into a younger midfielder (Craig Gardener) who is just as good and potentially better, but for half the price?Like I say just playing devils advocate. I Still think Ashleys a fat bastard.

  7. gamblino says:

    I’ve seen Clay Davis bust out those sheeeeitttts in three different films as three different characters. Incidentally.

  8. Newcassel says:

    Sling yers hook Joey, we’s all be well shut of ye
    Plenty of grafters for less money oot there
    Fat Bastard likes to buy cheap and shag em for all their worth
    He runs NUFC just like Sports Direct

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