Andre Villas-Boas Walks Out On Porto, ‘The Shit One’ On His Way To Chelsea

Chris Wright

21st, June 2011


By Chris Wright

Bit of an update to the rumblings we bought you this morning, with the news this afternoon that Andre Villas-Boas has (very, very nearly) resigned from his post at Porto and is now almost certain to take up the reigns at Chelsea before the week is out.

Porto have released the following statement:

“Porto were notified of the intention of Andre Villas-Boas to resign from his contract with the club by triggering the release clause (€15 million) immediately. The contract will be terminated once the required amount is paid.”

Something tells me that stumping up €15 million shouldn’t be too taxing for a certain Russian oligarch that…and this is a fact…owns four diamond-studded gryphon eggs and a fleet of solid gold helicopters.

That was not a fact.

Incidentally, it appears that Guus Hiddink will not be joining AVB at the Bridge in any capacity as it seems that the cuddly Dutchster has his eye on the imminent vacancy over at Inter Milan.

FURTHER UPDATE: Shortly before close of play last night, Porto confirmed that AVB has indeed shelled out to meet his own release clause (though there are rumours that the money may have been put up by Abramovich) and that the club have now set about finalizing his resignation.

Meanwhile, Chelsea issued a statement to say that they plan to begin discussing personal terms with AVB as of today (Wednesday).

Camp Drog says…

“Oh, it’s on…it’s on like a prawn that yawns at dawn BITCHEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ!!!”

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  1. CFC_Jay says:

    you just gotta love the Camp Drog………makes me laugh everytime i see that face!! :)

  2. CFC_Jay says:

    Ooooooooooo Matron!!!!!

  3. Alex says:

    are you a fan of The Office???

  4. Big Baz says:

    These managers are getting too young! can’t argue with his record so far though, just wondering if he can do it at the top level, time will tell

    Big baz

  5. Murray says:

    The first time I watched that “Shit One” video when it was first posted on Pies weeks ago, I laughed.

    Now, being a Blues supporter, I’m really scared by what Villas-Boas is saying.

  6. Hirsty says:

    He should have stayed at Porto for another year or two to prove that this season was no fluke. Might be out of his depth at Chelsea…

  7. stuart says:

    £13.3m + £90k/week
    fook me that’s an expensive manager, and if he doesn’t win the title &/or the CL he’ll be sacked

  8. MrMac says:

    As a Chelsea fan im excited.
    I can’t help it – while mourinho was a circus freak – he was a circus freak that won shit and entertained.

    More of that please.

    Altho i hope and am quite confident that he’ll clean up some oldies.
    Lampard’s last season possibly, malouda’s too.

    Anelka and Drog can fly to the US or Oil millions in the south maybe ? :)

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