Barcelona Eye-Up David Luiz Raid, Chelsea To Blow £90m On Stellar Quartet?

Chris Wright

22nd, June 2011


By Chris Wright

David Luiz and best friend, Barney

Perhaps somewhat inevitable given that Chelsea suddenly became interesting again, but the gossip hounds of the land are having a field day this morning.

Take the Sun for example, who seem adamant that Barcelona are putting together a £27.5 million bid for David Luiz despite the fact that a) Barca themselves have said that they have a summer budget of around £40 million, with £26-and-a-bit million of that already set aside for Alexis Sanchez, and b) Luiz has only been at Stamford Bridge for five soddin’ minutes.

The red-top reckon that Barca are desperate to replace rickety old Carles Puyol with an equally hairy centre-half and that Luiz himself has ‘indicated he might listen to an offer from Barca, but only if Chelsea give their blessing’.

Apparently Pep Guardiola has asked right-hand man Andoni Zubizarreta to ‘follow up on a meeting between Barca president Sandro Rosell and Luiz’s agent Giuliano Bertolucci in Brazil’.

Hmmm. Forgive us if we remain sceptical.

Radamel says ‘relax’

Elsewhere, several papers are reporting that Falcao is almost a dead cert to follow Andre Villas-Boas to West London, with the Daily Mirror also throwing Joao Moutinho’s name into the ring in a double-deal worth £40 million.

The Mirror also seem to think that Abramovich will fork out another cool £40 million on Santos brat Neymar over the summer, just because he can – with Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka both bolting for Italy as a result.

Oh, did I mention that a £12 million deal for Samuel Eto’o is apparently also in offing?

That’s a cumulative tally of £92 million and counting.

Cripes, them’s some serious Clubcard points.

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  1. ritesh2103 says:

    Falcao looks more like a Liverpool fan here lol, with his message ‘With Jesus you’ll never …. alone’ , thou its not walk the word here I think but still very close to Liverpool’s motto lol

  2. CFC_Jay says:

    …..if you are with anyone then you are not alone…..hence the being with someone. Why does Jesus always get credit for this (hahahahaha!)……..or is ‘Jesus’ (Pronounced Hey-Zeus) one of Falcao’s annoying south american friends who just wont go away lol!! Get the hint buddy :)

  3. stuart says:

    what about Hulk?
    i’d love to see him strutting his stuff in the Prem.. hopefully at Spurs!

  4. Gary says:

    I think hulk has a 90-million Euros buy-out clause so don’t think he’s goin anywhere, well maybe Man City Lol

  5. Indian Blue says:

    @ Stuart , hehehe :D Spuds do not deserve a player like HULK ;) he has a 100 million buy out clause lol . . . he is made for Chelsea as we are the only ones who can get him for less than that buy out shit , PORTO connection you know mah lowly spud mate ;) other than us the clubs that may eventually land him are REAL MADRID & MAN SHITTY :p

  6. Vans says:

    Lukaku??? A certainty!!

  7. wolfusa says:

    chelsea are putting a lot of faith in talent from other leagues. not to say these players aren’t great, and eto’o will seemingly score anywhere he plays, but what if moutinho’s style doesn’t translate to the prem? same with neymar. it’s not stupid to take a chance on one of these players working out, but add falcao and (possibly) lukaku and that’s a recipe for a supremely-talented-but-wasteful bench.

    plus, weren’t chelsea in the process of buying modric too? abramovich knows they can only play 11 at a time, right? maybe he’s in the process of also buying the rules committee to have that changed.

    still won’t help. go united.

  8. Angelopaul says:

    Plz wil Barcelona leave our own David Luiz alone? He is part of the future Chelsea AVB wants to build, welcum to the Bridge Falcao n Joao!

  9. dfg says:

    haha thats the toronto raptors mascot

  10. Rajakumar says:

    Chelsea should revamp its squad by spending the 90 million.
    Last season, they were not an exciting team to watch. Kalou, Maulada, Drogba did not make Chelsea an exciting team to watch ala Barca or even Man U. Hopefully with a new team under a new exciting manager will bring freshness and excitement to the team. Spend the money Roman and the European Cup will be won.

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