Arsenal Reject £27m Cesc Fabregas Bid From ‘You Know Who’

Chris Wright

24th, June 2011


By Chris Wright

And so, the spinning wheel spins and the dance begins again.

The Daily Telegraph (along with several other national newspapers) are reporting this morning that Arsenal have knocked back a £27 million bid from…yes, you guessed it…Barce-soddin’-lona, for skipper Cesc Fabregas.


Just flog him to Man City for £50 million, that’ll show the lot of them.

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  1. tom says:

    if they can get £40 million they should definately sell. He is good but he’s not that good, he is always injured as well and with Ramsey, Wilshire, Nasri, Song and Diaby Le Arse have a good midfield without him anyway. They need to strengthen elsewhere, like left back, goalkeeper, two centrebacks, a left winger, a tall strong forward who can actually score and maybe a right winger who can play football rather than just run. They have so many options in the middle that getting rid of permacrippled cesc isnt going to effect them too much anyway.

  2. nickooo says:

    Sell for no less than £40million.

    Your telling me andy carrol is £35million and Cesc is £27mil, fuckoff you spanish cunts!

    I dont even support arsenal either!

  3. Joe says:

    Always injured???
    Cesc Fabregas has more assists in top 5 leagues in last 5 seasons than any other player, ahead of Dani Alves, Messi & Xavi.
    466 – Over the last five PL seasons Cesc Fabregas has created a total of 466 goalscoring chances, more than any other player.

    You can’t tell me he’s not worth that much!!!!


  4. Chris says:

    @Nickoo: To play devil’s advocate for a second, aren’t Barca just as entitled to say ‘Mesut Ozil was only €15m, and Cesc isn’t three times better than him’ etc, etc?

    The fact is both sides think their valuations are perfectly justifiable and, as neither are ever going to compromise, there will only be one winner – Barcelona, when Cesc’s contract runs-out in three years time.

    That’s when they’re actually going to need him as well.

  5. tom says:

    @ Joe
    Danny Murphy had the most completed passes in the premiership last year, surely then he is the best passing midfielder in the premiership?!? his value must be at least £45 million in that case right?
    You need to remember that stats are important but qualitative analysis of football is more important, Cesc does get injured a lot, I wont even enter into an argument on that fact. But creating ‘goalscoring opportunities’ isn’t the same as assists, and as his entire role is creating ‘goalscoring opportunities’ its hardly a surprise especially as he is playing for a club like arsenal who tend not to take these ‘goalscoring opportunities’ and instead opt to try and create yet more ‘goalscoring opportunities’. Also is this stat trying to prove he is the best player at creating ‘goalscoring opportunities’ in the top 5 divisions of europe? Because that is something not even the most ardent gooner can realistically believe is it? Lets face it, he is good, but at the moment he is nothing on Xavi or Inieta.

  6. Gino Annie? says:

    Just fukking go. this saga is really pissing me off now, its been going on for a long time. We’ll soon see him with the rest of his spanish mates at a shakira concert. Last week he loved Arsenal and wanted to stay? If he loves Arsenal then stay, is he not getting enough money? He is going to be the new most irritating player in the world. Not good enough for Barca

  7. Joe says:

    it’s quantative numbers not percentages. Most CB’s will have the most completed passes because they pass to their CB partner. In Murphey’s case he only really passes back to the CB from his CM position and has lacked in his foward passing for many years in relation to how he used to be at liverpool.
    My point is cesc creates the opportunities but arsenal arent finishing (that is not his fault)which if in a team with a prooven finisher would be deadly, might I point to the world cup pass that led to Spain winning the world cup (spain spent ages knocking on the door before this)’IF’ Cesc was available in the open market then he would go for a much bigger fee. And anyone who know’s football can’t disagree in that.

  8. Nuno says:

    In 2009 Barça paid €25 million for Chygrynskiy (sold him after one year for €15 mill)! Are you telling me they rate Fabregas at about the same price as Chygrynskiy? Not to mention the Ibrahimovic / Eto’o deal…
    Barça are just doing this because they know Fabregas wants to go back, but Arsenal shouldn’t sell for less than £40 mill.
    Oh, and Chris, Özil had only one year left in his contract, not exactly the same thing, they had to sell him then or loose him the following summer for €0… (notice what happened to Afellay)
    Still believe this will drag on until next summer, they only REALLY need him when Xavi retires, so they can wait until his contract expires

  9. rich says:

    this is getting really boring now….if or when he goes to barca, he’ll just end up a flop anyway…just like Henry!

  10. dc says:

    @rich, henry won 6 trophies in 2009, and scored 35 goals in 80 games during all his time in barcelona. flop? no. trophy winner? yes.

  11. chet says:

    if its assists you’re worried about, then fine. he has 60 assists in the last 5 premier league seasons, 16 more than the next closest player.

  12. Ceezer says:

    Cesc is a pussy and belongs in the Spanish league.

  13. Tom says:

    Danny Murphy doesn’t just pass to centre backs, he plays in a two man midfield so his passes probably will be more negative more often than a player like fabregas who is at the front of a three man midfield.
    He’s not managed to win anything in those five magnificent years though has he? So he can’t be as wonderful as you are making out. Ronaldo could win the league on his own, messi could win the league on his own, fabregas evidently could not.

    What do you guys want? I’ve said £40 million is a fair price, if I’m such a fool why don’t you suggest a correct valuation.

  14. chimpo says:

    just being devils advocate like chris (dont support either team so dont really care where he goes) does anyone think he would even get in the barca 11?

  15. Scott says:

    Xavi or Iniesta couldn’t win the league on their own then. No one said he was Messi or Ronaldo. He’s a midfield playmaker that racks up assists and sets players up to succeed. Obviously, he’s not worth the same as Ronaldo or Messi because they score at will. Why did this become a whole “he hasn’t won anything in six years” debate? Last I checked, this was a team sport.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Oh man. He is so desperate.

  17. Tom says:

    @ Scott
    So what are you suggesting? How much is he worth? So many people want to argue but don’t have a point. I am saying £40 million is a price arsenal should sell at, the comparison with ronaldo and messi is that the former cost £80 million and that’s about the price of either of them and they could probably win stuff in a relatively mediocre team. So how much should fabregas be worth? I’ve stated the price I think arsenal should sell at taking into account all externalities (player loyalty, state of the squad, length of contract ect.) what do YOU think?

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