Xavi Pisses Arsenal Off Again, Pleads For An End To Cesc Fabregas ‘Suffering’ (Video)

Chris Wright

14th, July 2011


By Chris Wright

He wouldn’t let it lie, would he? He wouldn’t let it lie.

After spending last summer bleating on and on about it and just days after riling Arsene Wenger once again by stating on the Barcelona website that Cesc Fabregas had confided in him that he was ‘suffering’ at Arsenal, Xavi has continued to work away at his inversely proportionate ‘top notch string-puller on the field: first-class tosspot of it’ ratio by telling reporters that all he wants now is a ‘solution’ that will finally end all this terrible hurt and see Cesc sign for Barca this summer…

Suffering? Really? We’re not sure if being forked dizzying stacks of money to play football professionally for a prestigious club where he is worshiped – a club who just so happen to be slightly worse than Barcelona in the grand scheme of things – qualifies as ‘suffering’ but, hey, we’ve always been liberal like that.

Why Xavi? Why must you continue to make yourself look like such a fanny?

Video: 101GG

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  1. chimpo says:

    i heard he crashed he almost crashed his car at the indignity of it all

    oh the poor wee lamb

  2. Pkhakheria says:

    starving in a third world, not suffering , playing for arsenal , suffering ……

  3. dc says:

    chris, try not to blow it too far out of proportion. all he’s saying is he wants a solution to this nonsense. i think we all do. he’s just being honest, saying he wants cesc at barca. is wenger being honest saying that cesc is happy in london and wants to stay? because cesc himself is respectful enough to not comment.

    and if arsenal are holding out for 5 million more than 35 million for a player that they pipped for free as a 16 year old, well frankly, that’s ridiculous. especially as they CONTINUE to make off with young barca players who cant sign contracts in spain yet.

  4. Gino Annie? says:

    Fuck off Fabregas. This barca cesc saga is the most boring football story of years. Just go. Why the fuk would arsenal want to keep him when his weak heart is not in it. He doean’t want to play for arsenal, if he did he’d sign up. Johnny foreigner about as loyal as a cat. Let him go and get 2 decent players with the money.

  5. Philippe says:

    This is why they are the champs! They negotiate shrewdly, and when when someone is stubborn they plead and cry about the unfairness of it all until somebody gets sent off.
    Oh humanity! Oh Barca!

  6. oz says:

    He’s just trying to keep the media attention on this situation and thus creating more pressure on Wenger. Cesc is not respectful, an honest player does not announce that he “wont ever wear the Arsenal shirt”.

    The thing is, Barca never offered a contract to Cesc, and Arsenal did. He willingly left, they didn’t steal him.

  7. Michael D says:

    @dc – also, can they be blamed if they don’t want to overpay like its done in the EPL? I mean, if other teams want to do that then its their money, but don’t hate on Barca for trying to be shrewd

  8. Solihull United says:

    im not an arsenal fan but if he left im gona laugh at him if he signs for barca and he doesnt make the bench

  9. newcassel says:

    Haway man, if he’s suffering now god bless him. He’ll still be suffering when he’s on the bench at Barca

  10. Montesquieu says:

    Well, Cesc left Barcelona, when he could have refused to sign the contract. However we know how this all turned out. Frankly, Fabregas should leave if he wants to.

  11. dc says:

    @oz & montesquieu,

    that’s not entirely fair, barca wasn’t able to offer a contract to him because the signing age in spain is 17 whereas in england it is only 16.

    hence why wenger continues to lure barca players with promises of money and first team football (and refuses to sell them for inflated fees years later when one of them manages to overcome arsenal’s poor youth development record and make it big *cough* fabregas *cough*)

    dont forget fabregas was captain of a youth team at barca that contained messi and pique. you could say that arsenal helped his development– or you could get your head out of your arse(nal) and say that it’s only due to his prior prowess as a youth player at barca that he got to such a high level at that poor, trophyless london team.

  12. Scott says:

    Well, what you people forget is CESC FABREGAS himself signed a contract extension until 2015 and even took a 3 million loyalty bonus last summer. Of course he won’t put in a request or refuse to play like Mascherano. If he goes, he doesn’t want to be loathed by Arsenal fans. Until he’s holding up a Barca shirt and rotting on the bench, he’s still the captain of Arsenal. People in Darfur suffer and as the poster said, getting millions to play at a top club is far from suffering.

  13. wolfinho says:

    cesc is an ingrate, but arsenal should take the money since he’s not going to re-sign and, hell, he MIGHT get injured again.

    then go all-belgium on everyone’s asses and sign hazard, lukaku, vertonghen, and de bruyne to go with vermaelen. it’s not like they’ll be begging to go back to lille/anderlecht/ajax/genk without consistent CL football.

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