Snapshot: Romelu Lukaku Arrives In London For Chelsea Medical

Chris Wright

8th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

Fresh off the train at St Pancras, Romelu Lukaku arrives in London to cross the I’s and dot the T’s on his £20-ish million move from Anderlecht to Chelsea…

Photos: PA

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  1. KingEric7 says:

    Who? Reminds me of when you spend too much on one player in your fantasy team (ahem, Torres) and have to look through the scraps to find something half decent.

  2. VAns says:

    @KingEric, what the flip are you talking about.

  3. MikeuLike says:

    I feel sorry for AVB, Roman dictates all transfers. This guy was linked with Chelsea long before AVB was even thde manager, same goes with Modric.

  4. CFC_Jay says:

    OK, he may be a little bit pricey for someone this young but potential he has got! This guy serioulsy could be the next Drogba, or even better! and yes, optimism i have in abundance :)

  5. Alfie says:

    Why do Chelsea always have to have a tank of a striker? :(

  6. pete says:

    chelsea haters, you can relax for now, there will be plenty to actually be jealous of in a few months.

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