Two Bids Accepted: Fabregas & Nasri Teetering On Arsenal Exits

Chris Wright

11th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

A pretty pap pre-season is about to get a whole lot worse for Arsenal, with the news breaking today that both Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri are teetering on the brink after the Gunners agreed fees with Barcelona and Manchester City respectively.

The BBC are reporting that Arsenal have shook hands over a £35 million deal for Fabregas and that City have had a bid over somewhere between £22-27 million accepted for Nasri – and that both transfers are expected to be tied up before the weekend is out.

The Beeb also reckon that Arsene Wenger will be allowed to invest every single penny of the money recouped in signing thousands of pre-pubescent attacking midfield halflings from the continent.

Seriously though, looks like Arsene will be left with around £60 million at his disposal and a fortnight in which to spend it – how do you see that going?

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  1. Peter says:


  2. gs. says:

    gervinho is a pretty good replacement for nasri but you wonder how Wenger intends to replace fabregas (if this is true). he’d have to spend real money, add that to needing to get real about his defense/goalkeeper and with time running out, it’s not looking good. having said that, i’m a reds fan and this makes 4th place more realistic, although if i could pick which top four team to displace, it wouldn’t be arsenal (IF we can even do that).

  3. Lady B says:

    But if Cesc stays he’ll be a useless heap of misery all season… Think that contributed to his not-so-great form last season. Just let the poor kid go back to Spain!!

  4. Vivas says:

    I think Arsene will but a school in Africa or mexico!

  5. C says:

    Well, that’s Arsenal out of the top 4 for quite a few years from now on.

  6. wtfmate says:

    mata, a top-class defender, and I’m happy

  7. wtfmate says:

    there are talks about jadson, only seen him once or twice, any1 know what he’s worth?

  8. Tinez says:

    Ramsey and Wilshere will easily replace Fabregas. Wilshere looked a far better player than Fabregas as early as mid-last season, so he can replace the Fab. Nasri will be more difficult to replace. hopefully gervinho will shoot on sight.

  9. Michael D says:

    @wtfmate – I think around EUR10MM? He’s quality, still relatively young (27) and I think he’d make a good replacement and fit. Mind you, its probably not a like-for-like but fair quality for the price

  10. Toolkit7115 says:

    Can we get Baines from Everton? I wish that would happen.

  11. Chris says:

    I’m all for Baines, too! But I’m just not bothered as much about the front, sides, or middle. The back is a mess. They’re looking at 7 or 8 as it is. That said – even with the needed fixes, how do they repair the spiritual woes that will surely be settled in and wanting to stay? I just don’t think Arsene knows how to give a rallying cry…

  12. Terry Sheddingham says:

    So one gets to sit on the bench for four years, waiting for Xavi to retire, and one gets to irreparably lose his form the minute he pulls on a poison-sky blue jersey. Great decisions by both players!

  13. RainiaRed says:

    i cant believe nasri’s going to city, he deserves way more..and although i’m really gutted cesc’s leaving, i know that if he stays he’ll just be miserable, sadly he already cant play in an arsenal shirt anymore :/ i’m both an arsenal and barcelona fan, but i know that he’ll just be barca’s benchwarmer…just wish he can go back to his form again, he hasnt played in ages

  14. Del says:

    Arsenal has money.

    Arsene won’t spent it.

  15. Scott says:

    You can add them to the list of players who regretted leaving the club.

  16. Mike D. says:

    Cesc will at least be happy while sitting on the bench next to Mascherano, but Nasri has never really learned how to defend, so how is he going to be able to play for City?

    Can’t wait to see what Arsene pays for that 7 year old Real Madrid just signed.

  17. COYS says:

    looks like Tottenham will be finishing well above the gooners this season!


  18. MoNa says:

    I don’t think Fab is gonna be if bench warmer if Barca are willing to pay above 30 million euro for him

  19. COYS says:

    how DARE you not add my comment on the subject mr editor….

    i’ll state it again.,.

    it looks like TOTTENHAM will be far ahead of the gooners this season!


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