Just As Phil Thompson Prophesied – Liverpool Agree Fee For Jose Enrique

Chris Wright

11th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

Just as the Aztec god of humongous nasal passages Phil Thompson prophesied on Norwegian television many moons ago, Liverpool have this very afternoon announced that they have agreed a fee with Newcastle for left-back Jose Enrique – the cheeky buggers won’t tell us what that fee it is, though we’ve heard it’s somewhere up around the £6 million mark.

The 25-year old Spaniard is now set to travel to Melwood to discuss personal terms and undergo a medical later this evening.

Any thoughts ‘Pool fans? Surely, after sitting through Dossena/Konchesky et al, it’ll be nice for your lot to be able to welcome a left-back who looks like he’s actually familiar with Association Football and not just emerged from some sort of gooey egg-cocoon in the carpark outside Anfield?

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  1. ds. says:

    yay! guy who isn’t complete shite!

    i wouldn’t mind if they sold perma-crock agger and kyrgiakos, bought perhaps dann and left carra as they experience off the bench option, that would make me feel good about the defense finally, but that’s just me.

  2. fatboy says:

    sell agger? you must be joking

  3. Chris says:

    Actually, I’m pleased. We really need a proper winger. I think he’s an extremely hard worker,his pass percentage is good, he keeps the ball well, tackles well, likes going forward but is very defensive minded. Since top four players can’t be lured he’s a good, solid top 5 or 6 kind of guy. And he’ll be excited to be there.

  4. fatboy says:

    anyway enrique is as good as it gets for us at this moment. and a great value for just 5.5/6m

  5. Ping Yang says:

    6 million is an absolute knock – off.

  6. Red4Life says:

    @ Chris and Fatboy: agreed. It will also allow Jack Robinson more time to develop and another left back to observe and learn from (I dont mean he should model his game on Enrique, but he can definitely learn what to do and what not to do by observing another experienced left back play). That said I hope Robinson makes more appearances for Liverpool this season.


  7. sorin says:

    I don’t think that he will be better than Aurelio

  8. Davy says:

    As a Newcastle fan I’m gutted yet another one of our decent players being sold. I guess I better get used to it and while I’m at it look forward to Championship football next season oh wait we have Orbetan oh wait……..

  9. Tinez says:

    Despise that he has gone to Liverpool

  10. Dan says:

    1 on 1, Enrique’s very hard to beat. Only 9 times last season did a player beat Enrique 1 on 1. Compare that to Ashley Cole (38 times), Clichy (26 times), Baines (24 times) & Evra (23 times)

    Successful dribbles 2010/2011 Season: Enrique (65), Evra (26), Baines (26), Clichy (21), Ash Cole (17)

    Tackle Success % 2010/2011 Season: Enrique (84%), Evra (76%), Baines (74%), Clichy (81%), Ashley Cole (61%)

    Says it all really.

  11. Davy says:

    @ Dan…….Where you get all these statistics from?

  12. S-League Player says:

    @Dan: Bet u Commoli must’ve seen those stats as well!

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