Chelsea See Juan Mata Bid Knocked Back, Open Talks Over €55m Porto Pair

Chris Wright

18th, August 2011


By Rumour Monger

Could this man be on his way to the Bridge?

First we’ve heard, but the Daily Mail are reporting this morning that Chelsea have a sneaky £22 million bid for supposed Arsenal target Juan Mata knocked back by Valencia – but apparently, like some sort of cash-laden Terminator, ‘they will be back’.

Sounds ominous.

Elsewhere, the Telegraph have word that a Chelsea exec has landed in Portugal to ‘discuss the possibility’ of signing Porto pair Joao Moutinho and Alvaro Pereira before the end of the month.

Pereira, a spindly left-sided wing-back, is said to be the most likely arrival as a replacement for Yuri Zhirkov, with a bid of between €20-25 million (£17-22 million) enough to swing it – though the paper also seem fairly certain that the Blues will succeed where Everton failed a year or two ago and prise Moutinho away from Porto with an offer of €30 million (£26 million) and by playing on the ties he was with his former coach, Andre Villas-Boas.

So, who would you prefer to see wash up on the Chelsea shores before the end of August – Mata, Moutinho or Modric?

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  1. MrMac says:

    Mata or Moutinho by far.

    More value and better players than modric.

    Modric is too hyped – granted he’ll help alot – he’s a good player
    But if they were ready to cash out this much they shoulda went more serious for pastore.

    Moutinho or Mata are better players and younger too.

  2. STFC says:

    the guy above is clearly nuts. modric has prem experience and moreover he was one of the best players in it last season. should much rather have him than moutinho. can have either of those with room for mata on the right still

  3. sleeba says:

    The guy above thinks the guy above him is Nuts….clearly!!

  4. Zippy says:

    The guy above me is nuts to think the guy above him thinks the guy above him is nuts :-/

    Seriously though Modric is quality, the only thing I’m not sure about is…..does he have enough goals in him for Chelsea? Chelsea score from all over the pitch… I’m not sure that averaging, what is it – 1 goal every 10 games is great, I’m really suprised Chelsea didn’t go for Samir Nasri really….

  5. chimpo says:

    aw damnit nutsy

  6. aj says:

    i love nuts

  7. CFC_Raddy says:

    I’d prefer Mata and one of the other two, Moutinho or Modric. We’ve also been linked with Meireles. So if we’re able to sign Mata and 2 of the 3, I think we’d be strong contenders for Europe and the prem;


    Bring It.

  8. william i says:

    all these guys above me are obviously nuts ! id be over the moon if we got mata & modric/moutinho , then we would have a solid squad, probably 2 many forwards anelka can go mata-torres-sturridge front 3 should be awesome ! other players i would look at – neymar , hazard , gotze , van der weil , yan mvilla , juan iturbe , ktbffh

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