Macclesfield pranksters halt FA Cup match


15th, November 2006


Something very odd happened in Macclesfield the other night. During their FA Cup game against Walsall, it started to rain. Instead of the usual North West downpour of water, it rained footballs. Loads of them. Pranksters decided to volley balls into the ground from outside their Moss Rose stadium.

Chief executive Patrick Nelson told BBC Sport "We were completely surprised. I was sitting behind the chairman and we were both rubbing our eyes. At the moment we have no idea where they came from. We know nothing. It might bring a wry smile to people’s faces but we had TV cameras here for the game and we wanted to put our best face on," added Nelson.
"That’s not what we wanted.
"But it is a difficult thing to investigate. Where do you start?" Indeed. [Mof Gimmers]

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