Vinnie Jones Stars In Brilliant New ‘Hard And Fast’ Viral For British Heart Foundation (Video)

Chris Wright

4th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

In which uber-Cockney Welshman Vinnie Jones puts in the performance of his career to date (quiet at the back), by bringing a tinge of well-judged, self-deprecating and awareness-raising comedy to the otherwise incredibly serious matter of hands-only resuscitation in this new viral for the British Heart Foundation’s new #hardandfast CPR campaign…

So, so good. A doff of the cap is definitely due to Ol’ Vinnie and the all the bods at the BHF for that one. Well played chaps.

Apparently the ‘you only kiss your missus on the lips’ line has had some Twitter-based bleeding hearts complaining of blatant homophobia on Jones’ part – to which I say ‘piss off’ with hearty vim and vigour.

Video: British Heart Foundation