Copa Del Rey: Barcelona 2-2 Real Madrid (Agg 4-3) Real Find It ‘Impossible’ To Win At Camp Nou Once Again (Photos & Highlights)

Chris Wright

26th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

“Shhh!!! Don’t look at him. If we’re quiet, he may go away”

Despite leading 2-1 from the first-leg and going a further two goals ahead by half-time in the second through Pedro and Dani Alves, Barcelona still found themselves fretting at the Camp Nou as Real Madrid staged a late-ish comeback attempt that saw Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema draw Los Merengues level on the night – though it was to be in vain, as Barca eventually held out for the aggregate win that sealed them a berth in the Copa del Rey semi-finals.

Sergio Ramos had a goal struck off, Mesut Ozil sent a clanger against the bar from 30-yards, etc, etc, but Jose Mourinho still ended the night with his nine-match winless streak at the Camp Nou pristine and intact – telling reporters after the game that it was ‘impossible’ for his side to win after watching them accrue eight bookings (including two for Ramos, his 13th dismissal for the club) on Barca’s patch.

He’s such a victim, is our Jose:

“I heard my players say it was impossible to win here. I made no mistakes, we played a good game. We knew we were behind, we were motivated. We came here looking to win, but no.

“I have played [at the Camp Nou] with Chelsea, Inter and Madrid various times and this is nothing new.

“I will congratulate Barcelona for what they did at the Bernabeu last week but not for the qualification.”

Such a good sport too.



Photos: PA

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  1. Del says:

    The ref was such a cule, that challenge that made Ramos see red didn’t even merit a yellow.

    Oh well if that’s how Barca want to do their winning, let them. I know which was the better team last night and that’s enough for me.

    Also I might add, Fabregas was a such a hero of mine at Arsenal. But that blatant dive last night was unforgivable.

    What my commentator said of Barca last night. “They’re milking every decision.”


  2. jon says:

    I’ve found watching el classico a painful experience as of late. So much talent but it can be almost unwatchable at times. Last week with barca and esp biscuits rolling on the floor and pepe being pepe I didn’t want to watch last nights offer. Awful stuff.

  3. AuntieMay says:


    That challenge by Ramos didn’t merit a yellow but he should have been sent off in the first half for repeatedly kicking Barça players on their legs without the ball being there.
    And Pepe slapped Fabregas in the face without even seeing a yellow card, not to mention Lass.
    To be fair, Dani Alves should also have been sent off for the same reason as Ramos, and there was that hand ball by Abidal and the offside wrongly given when Alexis was one on one with Casillas.
    Overall, the ref did a really crappy job.

  4. Gaz says:

    @Del – what did Barca do wrong?
    I only watched the second half, but didnt see too much wrong.
    Do agree that it was unfair that Ramos was sent off, Mourinho did well to diffuse the situation making him shake the refs hand

  5. AuntieMay says:

    In my last comment I should have ended with “Overall, the ref did a really crappy job… and so did the players.”
    Even though I think Barcelona is without any doubt the best team in the world, they are also, together with Real, one of the teams with more divers. The difference is that Real is also a team that uses referee intimidation and kicking other things other than the ball as their favorite tactics. If they played like equals against Barça more often maybe they would win once in a while.

  6. Si says:


    Aside from Busquets (and Fabregas, on one occasion only), the Barca players – when fouled – just got on with the game.

    It is hardly their fault that Real’s £100m+ defence does not have the aptitude (or the speed) to keep up with Messi and Sanchez, is it?

    Pepe should have been sent off twice over for diving and whilst I cannot understand how Alves got away without a booking, as he was giving away sneaky fouls all night, Real have no answer for Barca’s style of football.

    Real played very good attacking football over both halves, but once again demonstrated that they cannot defend against equally skilled teams for love nor money.

    That said, even if they lose (again) against Barca in the league, I cannot see them losing against anyone else and if Barca drop anymore points, that should be the league settled. Swings and roundabouts.

  7. Tinez says:

    last night was the first time i’ve seen Real actually match or (caution) better Barcelona. The last 20 minutes were electric. Sergio Busquets is an absolute disgrace and makes me want to vomit.

  8. Piesfanfromgermany says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that the first 30 minutes were entertaining worldclass football after all?

  9. Miguel - NYC says:

    Lass should have had a second yellow in the first half. Madrid should have played with 10 for more than half the game.
    The funny this is that the “best” madrid didn’t beat a crappy Barca. There you go, keep on dreaming.

  10. Nuno says:

    “Real is also a team that uses referee intimidation”. And what about Barça??? When there’s a foul they all pile up around the ref asking for yellow. Lass should’ve gotten the second yellow, but the Barça pile up around the ref after he decided not to give the yellow was just discusting. Just wanted to throw a grenade at the middle of them…
    But overall I think it was a good game, not one-sided as usual, and the difference was the efficiency. In the first half Real had some 5 great scoring chances. They scored none.

  11. AuntieMay says:

    Yes, you’re right, Barça did it that one time, but Real do it all the time, not only on the pitch but also in the press. They do it almost every time there’s a foul or anyone falls to the ground, they argue with every decision, right or wrong.

  12. Nick Sincere says:

    Barca won, Madrid lost. Barca move on, Madrid out. That’s enough for me.

  13. pepe says:

    why don’t u be a proper un-biased prick and for once post something realistic about barca, something that doesn’t make you look like you would love to live inside of their buttholes?
    Why don’t you post something about their cheating, diving, play acting, you name it….the ref will definitely be joining the barca party after this game, in the words of iker cassilas.
    they got ripped off in the last years CL against fagalona, they got ripped off again by the refs…enoughs enough!

  14. Nick Sincere says:

    How about this pic of Mourinho by the ref’s car after the match so he can insult him some more? Or Casillas admitting in the presser to having insulted the ref after the match? The so-called “Royal” club has taken quite a beating to it’s reputation since Mou took over, and with little to show for it in titles.

  15. pepe says:

    the fact is that when the ‘allmighty’ barcelona starts to slip up like they did last night, the refs are there to help them out.
    you cant even out the not-sending-off of diara with all the favours ref did to barcelona.
    that insane added time in the first half, while the second half was ended to the second of the 3 minute limit.
    am i missing something here?
    was i the only one who saw that animal excrete dani alves do a pathetic double-roll on the field and refuse to get up for at least a minute and a half? Why wasn’t that made up for? Because the refs are all on that disgusting catalan team’s side. Messi is the only fair one as he never dives yet gets the most beating. I hope he switches teams and leaves that piece of shit of an excuse for the ‘best team in the world’..

  16. Sultan says:

    I don know why Madrid played defensive the first leg…second half they went all out Barca had problems…they should play Barca non defensive…As far as Ramos’s red card, God knows what the ref saw…Biscuits went down again for a foul…Alves never mind..these Farca players need to man up …geeze !!

  17. garza says:

    I think the rivalry between the two teams, and their supporters, has gotten to the point they’re not doing Spanish football any favors. I never see so many blatant dives and bad ref calls as I do when I watch Real-Barca matches. Cesc was cool in the Prem but as evident from this last Clasico, he’s gone full native. Don’t even get me started on Biscuits and Di Maria. And as for Pepe, he’s got to make up his mind if he’s in the UFC or La Liga. Everyone likes to talk about how the Spaniards are the be-all, end-all of football in this era, but wait till they (and ok, the Portuguese too) try to pull that crap they do in Los Clasicos on the other teams in Euro ’12 (in Eastern Europe!). It won’t be pretty.

  18. Paul McGuigan says:

    @ Del : Yes, Ramos should’t get a red card for that.
    If the ref is cules, then RFEF is blancos?

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