Costa Rica Womens ‘Keeper Drops Absolutely Naff Clanger vs Canada (Video)

Chris Wright

26th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

This woman’s name is Julieth Arias. She is the No. 1 choice goalkeeper for the Costa Rican womens national side. When Costa Rica need a female goalkeeper, she is the woman they turn to first. She is, by means of extrapolation, the best female goalkeeper in Costa Rica.

With that in mind, watch this – Canada’s fifth goal in their 5-1 Olympic Qualifier mauling of Costa Rica t’other day…

Yeesh. To be fair to Arias, she looks like she’s about 14-years old so maybe we’re being a bit harsh – though her coach’s face sums it up nicely…


(Thanks to Pies fan VBrian for the nudge)