Sergio Busquets Suffers Grotesque Knee Injury vs Real Sociedad (Video)

Chris Wright

5th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

I’m willing to bet your gut reaction to the news that Sergio Busquets got well and truly knobbled in a challenge with Real Sociedad’s Carlos Martinez during the home side’s 2-1 win at the Nou Camp last night was somewhere along the lines of ‘what goes around, comes around’ – but that doesn’t make the deep laceration that the Barca midfielder suffered any less grotesque…

(Not for the squeamish, etc, etc)

Mmmm. Looks like the Sarlacc pit. Here, have a closer look…

Thankfully (if it’s possible to feel empathy toward Mr Biscuits) the injury isn’t half as nasty as it looks and, with a few stitches involved, Busquets is expected to be fit again by Wednesday evening’s game with Valencia.

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  1. Dont worry says:

    This guy needs a career ending injury, sure nobody would be sad

  2. MJ says:

    at least now we know how he rolls over when he really is hurt

  3. Nicolas says:

    he’s been hurt so many times…

  4. :) says:

    last last paragraph made me sad :(

  5. Greg says:

    Poor Cesc he has seen far too many nasty injuries over the years. The mans dreams must be horrific.

  6. Tinez says:

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving cunt.

  7. Sultan says:

    I feel no symapthy for him..I am sorry….all those rolling on the floor…finally got to him..!!

  8. Jay says:

    I’m not saying it’s not an injury and foul but that’s fucking pathetic and embarrassing. No wonder rugby fans and and the like brand football a ‘girl sport’.

    10 year olds fall over in playgrounds grazing their knees worse and don’t roll around kicking up half that amount of fuss.

  9. halahala says:

    that is what you get for crying wolf…..

  10. Tom says:

    Its odd, I can’t say I’m sad about this… but I’m not happy either

  11. Stuart says:

    Man up for fucks sake!
    David Villa broke his leg and just sat there, biscuits cuts his leg a bit and is strechered off.

  12. Dave says:

    No blood…?? Is that the secret of Barcás success? They drain all their players blood out before every game??

  13. Anonymous says:

    LOL @ Dave! Seems the case here surely… :^)

  14. Dragan says:

    All that diving and play-acting and working the referee, justice gets served eventually…

  15. Col says:

    Biscuits is a tool, no doubt, but I can’t help thinking these comments are a bit harsh…

  16. SULTAN says:

    You dicks are complete hypocrites. I hope each of you spontaneously combust when you’re omnipotent EPL boys play act for a kick.

  17. gazza says:

    pathetic. Stitch it up and carry on.

  18. Isaac says:

    @Sultan. Thanks for this! Ihate how everybody acts like their EPL clubs are far superior and above the play acting that’s shown by other league clubs. As much as I dislike Busquets (Barcelona supporter) I still would never wish an injury against somebody. Anybody who plays any sport knows the love they have for that game and how much they love playing and taking that away from somebody is heartbreaking. So come on guys, give him a break because god forbid anything happen to one of you.

  19. Mel Sterland says:

    Reminiscent of the vagina he no doubt has between his legs.

  20. Dave says:


  21. Goose says:

    He is a disgusting individual, hope he gets a real injury one day as terrible as that sounds.

  22. dice says:

    fabregas= huge puss…

  23. Jay says:

    @Isaac, I don’t understand where you got we all think EPL clubs are superior and the players are above play acting? That’s quite obviously not true, you’d be a bit daft if you thought otherwise. I think most fans just don’t like to see it, doesn’t make a difference who it is/what league it is.

    I personally don’t like him, he doesn’t do himself any favours being one of the biggest cheats in the game. As far as players being injured, I agree, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone either, but I’m certainly not feeling any sympathy for Busquets.

  24. Sultan says:

    @ Isaac…I don’t wish injury on anyone either. You are misunderstanding me, what I am trying to say is he acts like he has been shot when he is shoved on the shoulder..covers his face like a dic…and finally it is a real injury..I don’t have sympathy for him because this is what he should really act as when you are actually injured and not roll on the floor…!!! Stupid Biscuits…

  25. Sultan says:

    Wait, who the fuck is SULTAN ? Stole my name…Chrisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!

  26. Dont worry says:

    Every team h as a diver its just this guy is the worst, plus he plays for barca? 2 awful things ay

  27. JT says:

    This is honestly the best article ive ever read! The scum dives all his life and this is karma catching up with him!

  28. Sultan says:

    Thank you Chris <3 !!|

    @ JT — glad you think alike :) !!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Ok, lets stop complaining and lets just accept that thank God the man is ok. I know that most of us are Real Madrid, but this doesnt mean we must hate on the best team of the world. Lets face the facts. We must catch up to them!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Lets not hate on the man! He is if not one of the best midfielders!

  31. zacky says:

    cesc is only worried as he now has nobody to get on their knees and suck his sausage.

  32. Barza! says:

    Whats the best team of the world you haters?

  33. George says:

    at all you mother fuckers here who like to talk shit, shut the fuck up, your damn EPL is doing the same thing, another thing, why in the world would you wish something bad upon anyone? u guys make me sick. Another thing, david villa was strechered off as so sergio busquets. specially u zacky, stop talking shit, by your comment, u must be arsenal fan! LMAO just one thing zacky, STFU, if u dont understand what that means, it stands for SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

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