Will Ferrell Interviewed During Mexico vs Colombia, Answers Every Question With ‘Chicharito’ (Video)

Chris Wright

2nd, March 2012


By Chris Wright

Beware the Autoplay!

Will Ferrell has a new film out called ‘Casa de mi Padre’ which is set in Mexico and in which he talks Spanish for the duration – though it appears Ferrell’s grasp of the language may not be quite so fluent in what we have collectively been indoctrinated by the Queen shape-shifting reptile to refer to as ‘real life.’

At half-time during the Mexico vs Colombia game on Wednesday, Ferrell (along with ‘Casa’ co-stars Diego Luna and the spiffing Genesis Rodriguez) was interviewed by Univision – a Spanish language broadcast – and did his best to fudge the chatter with a limited grasp of the native tongue, answering all questions with the word ‘Chicharito’…

Yep, think you just about got away with it there Willy my boy!

Another great spot by Dirty Tackle. Sorry for absolutely plundering you this morning Brooks!