Bournemouth Chairman Eddie Mitchell Kicked Off BBC Radio, Charged By FA For Sweary Rant Live On Air (Audio)

Chris Wright

2nd, March 2012


By Chris Wright

Bournemouth chairman Eddie Mitchell has been charged with misconduct by the FA after repeatedly swearing during an appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live’s 606 call-in.

The Cherries’ chief rowed with presenter Mark ‘Chappers’ Chapman following last Saturday’s 1-0 defeat by MK Dons, after rumours surfaced that Mitchell allowed Bournemouth co-owner Maxim Demin’s wife into the dressing room at half-time to talk to the team. Mitchell was finally kicked-off air after failing to heed his warnings and swearing for a third time.

Said Chapman:

“You do not come on this show, which is listened to by fans of all ages, and swear not once, not twice, but three times.”

Mitchell has accepted the FA’s charges of using “improper language” and also denied that alcohol was a factor in his behaviour.


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  1. Tom Jones says:

    What a total wanker the radio host is.

  2. Eddy says:

    How can you say the host is a wanker he gave that idiot 3 chances there is a watershed for a reason!

  3. Redskywalker7 says:

    Mark Chapman is a legend. Shut your face @TomJones

  4. vindyloo says:

    he sounds drunk.

  5. Momo says:

    “you come on this show and WITHOUT BEING PROVOKED, you swear at me”

  6. quetzalito says:

    Agreed. The host is an idiot. Trying to make a big story about something which is NOT NEWS. Unable to handle the mess he creates, he gets rattled and ends up saying that Bournemouth fans should look at THEMSELVES for tolerating such a chairman. Hugely unprofessional. Mind you, the chairman should probably think twice (once even) before coming on air with a couple of drinks on board). Especially to talk to a moron.

  7. Lyle says:

    I’m kind of with Eddie Mitchell on this. He made some good points. So he swears… that’s his normal language.

  8. muppets says:

    mark chapman is a legend. end of

  9. Matt says:

    mark chapman is a legend. nothing wrong with him at all.

    once before the chairman said “if you’re unhappy with the way I run things go and support southampton”.

    Bournemouth see themselves as our rivals, so for him to say that is like for our chairman to say go support portsmouth.

    So you can see why the guy is a dick and why a lot of fans don’t like him..

  10. Lanthanum says:

    Eddie Mitchell just sounds like the most unintelligent person in the world here. He’s presented with questions that are pretty simple to answer and he goes off on a tangent about how people have ‘interpretated’ the Russian owner’s wife coming into the dressing room. Most likely pissed. Good on the host.

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