Belgian Amateur Suffers Three Displaced Vertebrae And Serious Concussion, Gets Sent Off For ‘Diving’ (Video)

Chris Wright

6th, March 2012


By Chris Wright

What is likely to remain the worst refereeing decision of the season occurred during a Belgian amateur game between Templeuve and Quevy at the weekend, in which midfielder Julien Lecomte was red-carded (second booking) for ‘diving’ while in the act of being stretchered from the pitch with what turned out to be three compressed and displaced vertebrae in his neck and a serious concussion as a result of being playfully elbowed in the neck by his marker…

Get up you fanny!

Video: 101GG

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  1. Meldeath says:

    What the… Bale and Suarez keep playing though. Guess Belgium’s amateur football is ‘stricter’ than EPL.

  2. David Allison says:

    And second yellow means it can’t be appealed… bugger. I can’t figure out if the fans behind the goal are clapping the player or the ref’s decision. All very bizarre…

  3. Wesley says:

    He wouldn’t care about the red card I think. It’s not like he was going to play next week I figure. But the ref is crazy..

  4. QPR says:

    If this happened in England, the FA would still refuse to overturn the decision.

    While they cannot appeal, it can still be overturned in special cases. I think this situation would apply to that.

  5. Bobby Smith says:

    Since the quality of refereeing just keeks getting better and better, I think we should promote this referee to the highest level

  6. sloth says:

    I like how the ref waited until he was all buckled into the stretcher to finally show the cards. Classy gentleman.

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