Maradona’s Al Wasl Keeper Banned For 17 Games After Whacking Al Ahli Coach Quique Sanchez Flores In The Head (Video)

Chris Wright

13th, March 2012


By Chris Wright

Al Wasl coach Diego Maradona will be without his goalkeeper Majid Nasser for the next 17 games after he was caught on camera whacking Al Ahli coach Quique Sanchez Flores (of Valencia, Atletico Madrid and  ‘Dr House’ fame) across the back of the head in a fit of prissy rage after the latter side put the former out of the Etisalat Cup on Saturday night.

Flores was unhurt but that didn’t stop Al Wasl coming down on Nasser like a ton of rock-solid metal bricks, with vice-chairman Swaidan Al Naboodah announcing that the player would be suspended for at least the next 17 games for his ‘violent act’ (in order to prevent him from playing a part in the remainder of the Pro League season) while the club are willing to listen to Nasser’s explanation before they outline the full extent of his punishment.

Video: 101GG

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  1. nizam says:

    oh no…this attitude is not happen in football

  2. nizam says:

    i hope this attitude is not happen again

  3. Lawrencium says:

    17 games?! Where the hell are they getting these ridiculous numbers from? Obviously pushing someone in the head is bad, but where do they get off banning him from playing for the next 17 matches? I would have thought that kind of punishment would be reserved for something like murder or heavy mutilation.

  4. Ralep says:

    I am more surprised to see Flores coaching in the UAE. Didn’t this lad win the Europa league with Athletico a few years ago?

  5. Hi0B says:

    @ Lawrencium…

    lol, u really wondering? this country still has got stoning penalty and flogging not to mention death penalty goin on….

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