Tanzanian Player Punches Referee In Face For Sending Teammate Off (Video)

Chris Wright

14th, March 2012


By Chris Wright

In which, after seeing his teammate Haruna Niyonzima sent off for using foul and abusive language against Azam FC, Young Africans (a team commonly referred to as ‘Yanga’) defender Stephano Mwasika exacts his revenge on referee Israel Mujuni by clocking him one square in the face during the resultant melee…

Didn’t even flinch. What a tough nut.

According to Pies’ Tanzanian sources (Google search), play was only delayed for a few minutes before both players were jettisoned and the match was allowed to continue, with Yanga eventually losing 3-1 and having yet another player sent off before the final whistle.

Mwasika is now looking at a potential maximum ban of one whole year for his violent tendencies. However, Yanga chairman Llyoid Nchunga is planning to appeal the decision, citing referee Mujuni’s supposed ‘gross incompetence’:

“The decisions of the referee were poor throughout the match, most of his decisions were premeditated. He simply failed conduct the match in a fair manner.

“We tried our best to come back to the game but the referees’ decision destroyed our rhythm and our players failed to control their frustrations.”

Nchunga also claimed that there is a secret plan being engineered by rival clubs and referees to prevent them from winning the league title this season.

Someone better give him David Moyes’ number.

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