Caxias Striker Vanderlei Bitten By Police Dog While Quibbling Over Controversial Goal (Video)

Chris Wright

26th, March 2012


By Chris Wright

Over in the Brazilian ftop flight, Caxias striker Vanderlei was assaulted by a canine’s canines at the weekend after being bitten on the leg by a police dog.

Having conceded a goal against Novo Hamburg, Vanderlei and his teammates swarmed the referee and his assistant overturned their decision to chalk off the goal and allow Paulinho Macaiba’s opener to stand.

Riot-geared Police began ushering in as the kerfuffle gained momentum and, as the authorities gathered on the fringes of the bickering, one of the officer’s German Shepherds suddenly decided to go rogue and dish out a bit of vigilante justice (I very nearly went with ‘woofstice’ there, so you can all count yourselves extremely fortunate)…

The game was halted for a further eight minutes as the prone Vanderlei had his hound-induced wound patched up, before the striker was able to get back to his feet and carry on – Caxias eventually going on to lose the match 1-0.

Video: 101GG