Were AC Milan Jilted Out Of Another ‘Ghost Goal’ vs Catania? (Video)

Chris Wright

2nd, April 2012


By Chris Wright

Roughly a month since Sulley Muntari failed to register with a header that breached the goal-line by a clear yard against Juventus, AC Milan found themselves on the stinky end of another ‘ghost goal’ at the weekend – though it must be said that Robinho’s goal-bound trundler during the Rossoneri’s 1-1 draw with Catania on Sunday was altogether less clear cut…


We’re not so sure and, given that we’ve had the liberty of watching a raft of slow-motion replays several times and still can’t quite decide which side of the fence to come down on, you can certainly empathise with the officials here. It’s a toughy.

Not that Milan themselves were quite so impartial, issuing a pissy one-word statement via their official website along with the following, heavily-pixelated lo-res (and possibly doctored for all we know) image….

The one word? ‘UNACCEPTABLE!’

What do you reckon folks? Did it or didn’t it?

This way for more ‘Ghost Goals’ on Pies.

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  1. Mr Sensible says:

    Clearly isn’t a goal.

  2. Anthony says:

    Clearly is a goal.

  3. Manolo Garnix says:

    it isn’t a goal.

  4. Tinez says:

    No more obvious example of a well-timed clearance. As for that pixelated rubbish, it looks like the defenders foot is inside the ball. I’d be surprised if it was even from the same game.

  5. Murray says:

    Is it just “shadows” or does the goal line in that pixelated image look THINNER where the ball is (as if someone cloned some of green grass over the very edge of the goal line)?

  6. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Nope, the whole of the ball must pass the line. It did not. The defender kicked it just as it was about to.

  7. Miguel - NYC says:

    Mr Sparkle is right…from the angles we can see in the video, the whole ball does not go over the line.

  8. Giancarlo says:

    I think it’s way too inconclusive to give as a goal it versus the goal against Juventus. And I’m a Milan fanatic.

  9. sloth says:

    In this case, it’s the right call because Robinho mustered about the pissiest left-footed finish possible there. If he’d put ANY power on that shot whatsoever, it would be into the back of the net and there would be no controversy.

    Also, the ball didn’t fully cross the line. Even in that photo Milan posted (doctored or not), it doesn’t look to me like it’s all the way across; the bottom part is, but the outermost point of the sphere looks to be above the white paint.

    No goal, correct call.

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