Brazilian Player Attacks Referee Over Red Card, Gets Arrested On Pitch (Video)

Chris Wright

6th, April 2012


By Chris Wright

Coming on the very day that Santos president Luis Alvaro Ribeiro warned Neymar not to move to Europe because of the ‘violent players and snow’ comes this footage of just how placid and good-natured the Brazilian football he’d be leaving behind can be.

In the Campeonato Amazonense on Wednesday night, EC Iranduba played Sao Raimundo – a match which saw AM midfielder Volante Derlan throw a shit-fit tantrum he’s now liable to regret.

After receiving word from the fourth official about an infringement he’d missed, referee Joao Batista Cunha Brito sent Derlan off – at which point the midfielder charged at Brito and proceeded to belt several shades out of the him…

Two riot police then took to the field and immediately subdued and arrested Derlan, with a 30-day suspension also doled out on the spot for his little hissy fit.

The good news? Pending the outcome of a domestic tribunal by the Football Federation of Amazonas, Derlan is now susceptible to a further 720-day (two-ish years) ban.

Fingers crossed.

Video: 101GG