‘Sepp Blatter’ Dances While Exploiting Brazil: Spoof Viral Tears Strip Off FIFA (Video)

Chris Wright

10th, April 2012

By Chris Wright

Swiss group Solidar Suisse have launched a campaign to ‘blow the whistle’ on FIFA’s suspect practice of whoring their World Cups out to which ever trick country is desperate enough for a bunk-up, making their money without paying a penny in tax, laying waste to the local infrastructure, then pulling out and rolling their swollen circus out of town in a flurry of ‘nuts to your debt’ (to use the correct political jargon).

Solidar’s campaign has been launched along with the following video, which sees ‘Sepp Blatter’ rejoicing at FIFA’s exploitation of Brazil while dancing to a parody version of some Brazilian pop song by the name of ‘Ai Se Eu Te Pego’…

Thanks to Pies fan @jjr1984 for the tip-off.

There’s more about the campaign and the allegations into FIFA’s dodgy modus operandi over on the Solidar website if you fancy a Butcher’s.

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