St Pauli’s Marius Ebber Scores With Hand, Politely Asks Referee To Disallow It (Video)

Chris Wright

12th, April 2012


By Chris Wright

Over in the 2. Bundesliga on Tuesday evening, promotion-chasing St Pauli (they of ‘toaster’ fame) found themselves 2-1 up over Union Berlin in the 80th minute when Marius Ebbers appeared to nudge a looping cross into an open goal with his head.

It then came to light that Ebbers had in fact used an outstretched arm to guide the ball over the line and, consumed by guilt, the St Pauli striker implored the referee to chalk off his illegal goal…

St Pauli then went on to win it anyway in the second minute of injury time.

After the game, Ebbers told Morgenpost:

“(Referee) Welz asked me if I had scored with my hand and I told him that I used both my head and my hand. It was an honest error. The angel on my shoulder prevailed.”

Good lad.

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  1. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Fair play to him. Good lad.

    St. Pauli are a one of a kind club.

  2. moondunce says:

    Can’t remember Messi doin that

  3. Chimpo says:

    i love St Pauli- didnt they have a sausage train

  4. Nilo says:

    You got it wrong. He didn’t ask the ref to disallow it. After the dubious goal he was crowded by the Berlin players, who were all giving him hell. The ref came over to him, asked the other players to move away, and spoke to him for about 20 seconds. So at some stage he admitted that the ball touched his left hand. Something that not many players would do, especially for such a much-needed win.
    But he never “politely asks” anything.

  5. frank says:

    the boy who scores the winner, is that not a cheeky celebration (2.27)? or is it something to do with st pauli and their craziness?

  6. Happy says:

    As a St. Pauli fan, I have no way to describe how ecstatic I was when that goal fell (the real one). You must imagine, we’re 4th, if we don’t win we would have been 4 points behind the relegation spot and our dreams of promotion could have been destroyed. It’s 1-1, we’re much better, we score a goal that doesn’t count, and it’s already almost over. Before that we got disallowed a clear hand penalty, and then that beautiful free kick that hit the crossbar I hated the football god more than anything. And then, after countless chances, THE FUCKING MAGICAL GOAL and that by a player who misses way too often. Un-fucking-believable.

  7. ertzh says:

    Hope we’ll see them back in Bundesliga next year!

  8. sloth says:

    St. Pauli are a class club, and this was a class move. Maybe there is hope for football after all.

  9. Del says:

    He was honest and that’s a rare thing in the world of European football where 90% of players could easily give hollywood actors a run for their money. Credit to him for doing the right thing.

  10. Brenton says:

    It’s kind of sad that a huge deal is made of a player being honest and that cheating is so commonplace that nobody bats an eyelid.

  11. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    Credit to the Ref too for actually being human enough to ask him point blank to admit if he did use his hand. How many Premier Lge refs would have just made a decision and wave away the protests?

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