Genoa Ultras Cause Mayhem vs Siena, Demand ‘Unworthy’ Players Take Off Shirts In Shame (Video)

Chris Wright

22nd, April 2012


By Chris Wright

Losing 4-0 at home to Seina today, Genoa’s ultras began demanding their players take off their shirts as they ‘weren’t fit to wear them.’ The game was suspended in the 52nd minute when the incensed fans began throwing flares and garbage onto the the pitch, then the call came for the shirt amnesty – with Genoa captain Marco Rossi collecting shirts from his teammates and handing them into the crowd…

The majority of players handed over the shirts, apart from goalkeeper Sebastien Frey and Giuseppe Sculli, the latter having the minerals to stand up to ultras and grab the shirts back so the game could continue.

As far we can tell, the game is about to restart after ‘negotiations’ between the thuggish fans and the terrified players.

This from Gab Marcotti…

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  1. Professor Erno Breastpinchd says:

    What the hell are the police doing? Not loving those spiked fences one little bit – are they the norm in italy?
    The mind spins when you think about how this could have ended. Jeez

  2. Bruno says:

    Cops don’t set foot among the supporters there. Especially in the curve. Old, small stadium with shit access and mad fans. If you look at the stands during games the cops are always congregated in big groups around the exits

  3. Murray says:

    It was only last season that Genoa fans held a mock funeral in the city for relegated rivals Sampdoria.

    Pies ran a story about it, here:

    This loss leaves Genoa one point off from the dropzone and very much in danger of being relegated themselves.

  4. KKK says:

    And then you have the greatest fans on the face of the Earth. Penarol losing 0-4 in the Libertadores 2012 and the fans singing and jumping for the team for the entire second half of a completely lost game…

  5. huwat says:

    What an ugly thing to witness. Truly deplorable.

  6. Jam says:

    How the fuck does this happen if they are such a minority? Arent there any police? And why did the players actually give in to their demands, besides Sculli.

  7. Applesauce says:

    So much for sport.

  8. wolfinho says:

    in an odd way, this gives me great insight into the films of federico fellini. marcotti described it perfectly in a word: grotesque. if i were watching this at the stadium, i’d feel shameful and nervous. it seems only the italians would demand their players take off their shirts literally, with the players obliging. not a dig at italians, it’s just a different way over there i guess.

  9. Fat Nakago says:

    Problem #1. Flares in the stands.

    Problem #2. IDIOTS with flares in the stands.

    Problem #3. All of the above.

  10. RyanSSL says:

    Marcotti is such a moron. There is absolutely no reason why this Genoa team should be battling relegation. They have a ton of talent. If they get relegated the players will just move to another team and continue to make hundreds of thousands. It will be the fans that suffer. I don’t blame them for standing up to these mercenaries. As for Sculli this is a man who has been accused of rigging matches his entire career.

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