Gary Lineker Mocks Arsenal Boss Arsene Wenger On Match Of The Day (Video)

Alan Duffy

29th, April 2012


By Alan Duffy

At the end of Saturday night’s Match of the Day, crisp-hawker and master of the bland, Gary Lineker, decided to push his own presenting skills to daring new limits by including an ‘hilarious’ Arsene Wenger impersonation.

Tinged with what could be construed as a hint of xenophobia as well as what seemed like a fair amount of bitterness, Lineker’s little comedy cameo seemed rather out of place on the programme.

Arsenal fans won’t be happy with this at all, particularly given the fact that Lineker is a Spurs legend.

One wonders if he’d do a similar skit on Sir Alex Ferguson or Kenny Dalglish?

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  1. Tom says:

    Doubt he’s xenophobic, I wouldn’t read too much into it other than Wenger often makes that hand gesture and complains

  2. Bear says:

    Not entirely sure when it started or where it came from, but the media don’t exactly like Wenger or his team, do they? Gave up on watching MOTD ages ago, tired of the BBC biases.

  3. ivor bollocks says:

    It made me laugh anyway, good yer Gary.

  4. Degs says:

    Lineker is a prick.
    There, I’ve said it.

  5. Trololololo says:

    Reminds me of a line from Blackadder: “Percy, don’t ever try to be funny in my presence again”

  6. muppets says:

    If u think lineker is bland then u clearly don’t follow him on twitter, he’s a very witty man. This is a very tetchy over reaction to what was essentially nothing. he was only copying the stoke fans and it was quite funny

  7. Tom says:

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. Wenger is a cock, he makes those kinds of gestures and Stoke fans copied it. Linekar was impersonating the Stoke fans. If it was just off the cuff then yeah it’d be odd, but it wasn’t.

    I for one would welcome a slightly more humerous approach to presenting on match of the day, seeing as they don’t provide a particularly high level of tactical insight it’s all they’ve got left anyway.

  8. Sir Henry Norris says:

    Congratulations Gary on bagging yourself a nice cushy number at the licence payers expense, where you don’t have to produce any kind of result. And you carry on mocking one of the most successful managers in the history of the Premier League; Jones was right to label you a jellyfish, a wimp and a coward. Andy Gray was sacked by Sky for mocking a female official – time for the BBC to do the decent thing and follow suit with Lineker.

  9. mica j says:

    im sorry but if it was a manager of any team this would hardly get highlighted, of course a legend of the spuds would have to stick his boot in? why doesnt he worryabout the best spuds team in 50 years and how the medias love affair with arry hasnt at all turned pear shaped despite their poor form in the last 9 games, im just waffling now but it looked unprofessional of gary as a tv presenter to act the way he did. It just come across as petty to me and uncalled for.

  10. Grainy says:

    The level of over-reaction on here is TOO DAMN HIGH!

  11. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Wenger is wooden arse with no sense of humour.

    He was “upset” at the fact that the opposing fans made fun of him and his team, (was he expecting heaps of praise?) I’m sure if he’ll be asked about Lineker he’ll simply use his classic “I did not see it” line.

    Wenger may be brilliant as a manager, but as a human being he’s a robotic moron.

  12. Mr. Sparkle says:

    @Sir Hery”Andy Gray was sacked by Sky for mocking a female official – time for the BBC to do the decent thing and follow suit with Lineker.”

    Are you daft, or an idiot?

    Andy Gray was sacked based on his sexist attitude. He did not simply mock Sian Massey, he downright degraded her, just as he did to his co-worker (can’t remember her name) by telling her to fix his microphone and making an allusion of sexual harassment nature.

    Lineker just took the piss out of Wenger, because Wenger is a twat. Who is an animated baboon but otherwise seems to possess absolutely no emotion.

  13. greg says:

    “One wonders if he’d do a similar skit on Sir Alex Ferguson or Kenny Dalglish”

    Dalglish and Ferguson would humourlessly over-react and boycott all media contact with the BBC whereas Wenger just really isn’t concerned.

    It was just a nod, at the end of the show, in the direction of the Stoke fans who provided a laugh at the expense of a rival who has been more than unfairly critical of Stoke’s approach to football. Therefore he was absolutely fair game..

  14. ben says:

    @Mr. Sparkle Robotic Moron? We’ve got a badass over here…

  15. mrsparklesdad says:

    To all you idiots like some of the ones above that say Arsene was ‘upset’ you need mental help. He was asked about the abuse and simply answered the questions, he was not once upset nor did he mention being upset, typical deluded Arsene haters, and to the clown that called him a robotic moron, you’ve clearly ever seen any of his press conferences before and so therefore you’re a mug and to dare call him a twat you’re a disgrace and you don’t deserve to have fingers to type with, keyboard warrior get out the internet cafe and go find a job you MUG-(Mr.sparkle aka dick).

  16. Bruce says:

    Just sent a complaint to the BBC about this. It wasn’t funny and it wasn’t ‘banter’ either.

    BBC are suppose to be a unbiased and very credible organisation so Lineker has let himself and them down. No room for it and definitely should not of brought Wenger into it. Yes, he is a very witty man and I respect him but he et himself go too far. bordering on the Xenophobic as well. Hopefully, it would teach him a lesson not to single out Arsenal and Wenger.

  17. Mr. Sparkle says:


    Seriously? Get a life mate, you’ve got nothing better to do than write complaints no one gives a ufck about.

    How was it borderline xenophobic you twat? He was mocking Wenger’s gestures, nothing more, nothing less. He wasn’t mocking the man for being French or being an immigrant/foreigner.

  18. Murray says:

    If I saw someone act like this, I’d make fun of him, too!

  19. Redskywalker says:

    Lol cmon now. Theres nothing to this at all. Lets worry about more important things.

  20. West End Blues says:

    This is absurd! It was nothing. How pathetic do you have to be to get upset about this. Xenophobic? are you serious, he was taking the piss out of Wenger’s absurd hand gestures not out of his race or culture. Wenger needs to have the piss taken out of him, he is the least objective manager in the prem, he constantly bitches and moans about every little thing that doesn’t go his way. He is a petulant child.

    This article is really off from you Chris and I’m a little surprised. Lineker is a G. Not only is his wife fit but he rinses both Wenger and Piers ‘the cock’ Morgan, whats not to like?

  21. Bruce says:

    I take most things on the chin, but there was no need for this at all. It wasn’t big or funny. Just because Wenger makes gestures because e believe his team is being robbed there is no need to mock it.

    I would give Lineker a grand if he dared to do that to another manager, he only did it to single out Wenger and he has no respect foo him. you wouldn’t see him doing it to Lineker because he is mature unlike this past Yid.

  22. Tom says:

    Haha. Predictable arsenal fans. What a bunch of gimps. He was impersonating the Stoke fans you tards! Why do you, the ‘pool fans and the man yoo fans all have no sense of humour? Your clubs aren’t infallible, no matter how much you may believe that they are the one true club.
    @bruce. Good on you. I’m sure the BBC will issue a formal apology next week. And sack lineker. And only ever make positive remarks about arsenal. And change the programme’s title to Arsenal’s match of the day. And have the gunnersaurus doing the punditry. Probably.

  23. Gaz says:

    @ Bruce

    Please let me see the complaint you sent. I need a good laugh

  24. jon says:

    Come on arsenal fans, stop being so sensitive.

    It’s not like he called him a baguette bothering neo-peado. Write your letters of complaint then.

  25. Tom Jones says:

    Not funny at all.

  26. usrick says:

    I read the comments first, then looked at the clip. After all the outrage in the comments, I was certainly expecting something much more offensive, or at least much more critical, than Linecker appearing to have a seizure. Not particularly funny, but nothing to get outraged about either. (I’ll bet Wenger smiled slightly and briefly, then decided it was nothing worth worrying about or paying attention to.)

  27. TRUTH says:

    Gary Lineker married a prostitute yet is mocking Arsene Wenger! People in glass houses.

  28. Steve says:

    How can a man who shit himself in the middle of a game mock anyone? I mean it’s the easiest come back in the world.

    “Hey Arsene…”
    “Gary, I can hear your diaper underneath your pants.”
    “Gary, I’d stand up for myself but I’m afraid you’d shit yourself in fear.”
    “Gary, you smell like shit…again.”

  29. Milkchew says:

    When the whole Stoke crowd did it it was much better.

  30. Si says:

    Chris, grow up
    The vast majority of those who have commented above, grow up
    Talk about over reactions these days, it wasn’t particularly funny but nothing to bat an eyelid at surely?

    (The reason why I enjoy this website is because it pokes fun at people, not when it flies off the handle to criticize to gain a reaction for the sake of it)


  31. Russ says:

    hahaha the article’s tone was over the top enough but some of your reactions are ridiculous!!

  32. JT says:

    People need to get a sense of humour if there moaning about this. And as for Bruce complaining to the bbc about it, Man up and stop being so PC

  33. Scott says:

    I’m an Arsenal fan and I suggest other Arsenal fans take note. How do you think Arsene would react to it? I’m not trying to stay “WWAWD?” but, you know he’d just shrug his shoulders and move on. He probably wouldn’t give it much reaction. Seriously, just move on. It wasn’t offensive or funny. It was just kind of cringe-worthy. Just let it go.

  34. walkrsmuck says:

    Gary Lineker sells crisps as he can only get sexually aroused by dead fat children.

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