FC Sion’s Geoffrey Serey Slaps Lausanne Ballboy Across Face (Video)

By Chris Wright

FC Sion midfielder Geoffrey Serey Die is in a whole heap of scheisse after being caught on camera slapping one of the Lausanne ballboys across the face after his side’s 2-0 defeat last night…

Lausanne striker Steven Lang (who we think is the chap on the touchline that comforts the child after the slap) gave his account of the incident to Blick:

“Serey has gone to the ball boy and he said something that I can not repeat. Then he gave him a blow. It is just unbelievable. I hope the association sees this incident and something happens.”

Apparently – and this isn’t official – Serey Die’s excuse is that he was infuriated by the ballboys’ reluctance to rush the ball back to the Sion players over the course of the evening.

Of course, Serey’s conduct was just plain old fashioned unacceptable, regardless of the circumstances and especially given that the ballboys were all probably acting on instruction of the club (slightly delaying the opposition’s restarts is a fairly well-trotted ploy).

Here’s hoping he gets a hefty punishment – like locking him in the stocks and letting all the ballboys on the books of every club in the Swiss Super League take turns in slapping him across the face all afternoon.

UPDATE: We’ve just heard that the Swiss Football League have examined the Serey Die case and referred it to the Disciplinary Commission after coming to the conclusion that their maximum punishment in such instances – a four-game ban – is not severe enough.

Video: Blick

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  1. Dan says:

    kid stayed on his feet better than most foo’ballers would

  2. usrick says:

    Perhaps some of the folks making decisions for the Swiss Football League could be hired to provide some common sense to the discipline review process in the EPL, La Liga, et al.

  3. Ben says:

    He had a good reason for slapping him in my opinion. When i was little i got the crap beaten out of me by my parents and it made me a better man, and not some chavvy little prick (which i believe every kid will turn into without some discipline) that you see everywhere in england.

  4. Anon! says:

    If this happened in France they’d riot all night.
    If this happened in Italy they’d force the ballboy to give up his shirt.
    If this happened in Spain they’d send the ballboy to the Busquet School of Acting.
    If this happened in England they’d see the humorous side of it and downplay the realness of the act until they were numb again.


    What a wacky world we live in!

  5. bumbaclot123 says:

    10 matches, that would be fair I’d say

  6. boomshakalaka says:

    Is anyone going to play the racism card? Imagine the player was JT and the ball boy was of African descent…

    Just saying.

  7. Al says:

    big man slapping a ball boy, he could end up getting arrested for this, if you slapped a minor like that in a non-football environment you’d be looking at a charge so I’d say the same applies here

  8. Giancarlo says:

    Fuck off with the race card. Some kids need a good slap here and there lol.

  9. Tom Jones says:

    A 4 match ban for that is more than enough.

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