‘Koko Euro Spoko’ – Poland’s Official EURO 2012 Song Drops, Sung By Troupe Of Grannies (Video)

By Chris Wright

After being put to a public vote, the good people of Poland have decided that this will be their country’s official anthem for Euro 2012: ‘Koko Euro Spoko’ by a group called Jarzebina, who – as will become abundantly clear – are a group of older Polish ladies dressed up as nuns.

There’s no way to dress this up, it’s garbage…

Erasing something from your memory as you’re still watching it is a strange sensation, no?

Mind you, still beats ‘Waka Waka’ into a cocked hat.

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  1. Davy says:

    Beats nessun dorma anyday!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    great song! traditional and funny :) good choice!!

  3. apsik91 says:

    You have got to be kidding me! I am polish but I leave in Holland. This is one of the most embarrassing things the could have done. I would understand the stadions, roads but this?! They have ruined the only chance for Poland to finally get out of the shit hole we were.

  4. Nathalie says:

    I also live in Holland and i’m from Poland. this is so emberassing, it looks like they’re making fun of my country. Are they stupid?

  5. Yuka says:

    It’s great and catchy! I could listen to this all day!

  6. Ania41373 says:

    I am polish!!! it’s terrible song! Do you know what it means koko? yeah, it’s embarrassing…
    I am ashamed of this song:(

  7. k_b says:

    apsik91, you meant that you live (not ‘leave’) in Holland? Aren’t you embarrassed of your Enlish? ;) You’re not living here anymore, so please, shut your mouth.

  8. kkk says:

    Oh my got ! I am from Poland and WTF is this ??? I think “Czyste szaleństwo” was better than that shit.

  9. unaswpl says:

    nie sikaj O!

  10. Kevin says:

    I love it. Simple and Joyful.

  11. Oliwka says:

    Why is this embarrassing to you? Christ on a blue bike, chillax a bit! It’s folk, it had a good rhythm & the grannies…well bless their little hearts, they’re funny old buggers! That’s all it is to it. You should be embarrassed by much more serious things in Poland than this innocuous song!

  12. Oliwka says:

    Why is this embarrassing to you? Christ on a blue bike, chillax a bit! It’s folk, it has a good rhythm & the grannies…well bless their little hearts, they’re funny old buggers! That’s all it is to it. You should be embarrassed by much more serious things in Poland than this innocuous song!

  13. rox says:

    FYI they are not dressed up as nuns you idiot , what they are wearing is one of Polish traditional clothes , have some respect. for god sake.

  14. cekalova says:

    They are dressed in traditional folk costumes from their village Kocudza!!!!

  15. Marek says:

    Great song! We like it in Poland very much. It is a dynamic, simple and easy to learn song for Poles. Poland is a very old nation with more than 1000 years of its own history, cultury, language and music. Some of our songs are very old (more than 600-800 years old). All Europe knows our old dance POLONEZ that is the main dance for very important receptions (this dance originates from the old Polish dance called “walking dance”, known since XVI century in Poland. The folk music is still alive in Poland, thousands of people in the village areas still play this music and millions in Poland love it. We just want to show what Poland is all about. Poland has become over the last years very modern country, but we have much more to offer….our old traditional culture, very unique in Europe.

  16. Michal says:

    Apsik91 relax. its just fun. It supposed to be traditional song with sense of humor. I wouldnt expect to have masterpiece as a Euro song (to be honest its usually crap, cheesy songs) Euro is during summer is connected with fun, this song is funny so everything is fine.
    you “leave” (live) in Holland? why ? really? What would make you move from Poland to Holland (200 euros extra in your salary ?).

  17. keisaj says:

    Embarrassing is your “speech”. The biggest problem of Poland is that shame hysteria like “Oh my God that’s over! The whole europe will see that in Poland there are folk bands. They will get to remember Poland as a backward place. The last chance to build up our reputation is wasted” Please just dont punic! Even if the song will not turn out famous hit song, for sure will not change a thing. Im just ashamed because of you apsik91, it’s so sad that polish people who have gone abroad and work for example as a “kitchen help” think about themselves as someone better than the rest of polish nation. So if you’ve got prepared more stupid opinion esseys like the last one, try to public them deeply inside of your heart ;)

  18. Mr. Sparkle says:

    I think Poles voted for this as a sort of “leaking internet” or an act of trolling. They didn’t think it was going to win, and now it did. I’m sure most who voted are ashamed of themselves.

  19. Ricardo Jones says:

    If that was the song that was voted the best, it leaves only one question, how bad were the other songs?

  20. Rajmund says:

    I am Polish and I think it is a great choice. My country people chosen something what it’s bringing smile to the face and making you fill good. People don’t be so Sirius Euro is a fun.

  21. sylwia says:

    A wlasnie ze fajna nutka.Uwielbiam ta piosenke i juz z kuzynka nauczylysmy sie jej na pamiec Pozdrawiamy wszystkich gburow :)
    This is Very Good and Funy song . :))))))))))

  22. sylwia and Gosia says:

    Cieszą się Polacy, cieszy Ukraina,
    Że tu dla nas wszystkich
    Euro się zaczyna,
    Że tu dla nas wszystkich
    Euro się zaczyna.
    Kokokoko Euro spoko,
    Piłka leci hen – wysoko,
    wszyscy razem zaśpiewajmy,
    naszym doping dajmy.

  23. Annagu says:

    Stop saying “my coutry people chosen (…)” or “We like it in Poland very much” – I’m from Poland and I didn’t chose crap like this and I dont’t like it at all! :/

  24. burt macklin says:

    all you poles hating each other aside, what does koko euro spoko mean? does it mean anything at all?

  25. Klaudia says:

    Posłuchajcie mnie polskie zjeby! Nie widzicie, że ludziom się podoba? Podoba się im, to po chu*a piszecie, że czujecie się zażenowani przez wybór! Jesteście żałośni kur*a! Zakompleksione buraki! Wstydzić się swojej tradycji, muzyki ludowej połączonej z nowoczesnością.Przestańcie pie*dolić, że beznadziejne, bo w końcu oni też w to uwierzą. Uśmiech na twarz i już! Propaganda!

  26. koko says:

    ‘koko’ means nothing, it’s something like imitation hen’s sound and ‘spoko’ it’s polish ‘okey’ :D It’s only funny rhyme :)

  27. Patryk says:

    @burt macklin – “koko”-it says hen, euro-you know, spoko – means ok,good.In general other songs were better,but if you like it that ok. Greetings !

  28. Matynosaa says:

    What the fuck is this?! Im polish, and when I watched it…I think that it is kidding me. Im embarrasing… I can understand all Poland, but that? It’s worse than… No! On the World isn’t worse things! I am in shock… I am 12, and i think it is shit of shits…

  29. polish says:

    kurwa mac ja pierdole

  30. keisaj says:

    “Posłuchajcie mnie polskie zjeby! Nie widzicie, że ludziom się podoba? Podoba się im, to po chu*a piszecie, że czujecie się zażenowani przez wybór! Jesteście żałośni kur*a! Zakompleksione buraki! Wstydzić się swojej tradycji, muzyki ludowej połączonej z nowoczesnością.Przestańcie pie*dolić, że beznadziejne, bo w końcu oni też w to uwierzą. Uśmiech na twarz i już! Propaganda!”

    Klaudia jesteś genialna! Więcej nam takich osób trzeba ;)

  31. Joan says:

    The song is very good, it let improve atmosfere make fun, other recommended are Hej Sokoły or Radio. These two songs are known by Polish and Ukrainian. The are Very Good and Funny songs . :))))))))))

  32. EM says:

    keisaj masz rację. Polacy zwykli brać wszystko na serio i wszystkiego sie wstydza. A najlepsi sa Ci, którzy wstydzą się swojego rodzimego kraju mieszkając zagranicą. Darujcie sobie ludzie. Ta piosenka ma pokazać, że mamy dystans do siebie i poczucie humoru. Jest łatwa i chwytliwa, wiec nawet obcokrajowcy beda po pijaku spiewac koko euro spoko.

    keisaj, you’re right. Polish people used to be very serious about everything that goes around them. The worst is that most of us, Poles is ashamed of our roots and traditionst. When I heard the song for the first time I smiled. It’s so charming. Look, people who chose the song did it for fun and we should now treat it the same. After all that fuss around this song I bet that everyone can’t wait to see it live. :D Come on, in this times no one considers Poland 3rd world country. xxx

  33. Dan says:


    Because it’s all about “na pokaz”.

  34. hoh says:

    As nuns!? Shame on you! They wear local clothes which aren’t connected with nuns’!

  35. Dawid says:

    LOL! I am Polish and I just love it :D All those that complain about it are just unimportant trolls :P

  36. Linek says:

    People – please stop posting comments in Polish, learn some basic English.
    As for the song – Official Euro 2012 song is Pitbull feat. Don Omar – Hasta Que Salga El Sol ( Dennci Remix ), Koko Euro Spoko was chosen as our team’s anthem for Euro.
    Both songs suck, so it doesn’t really matter which one will be remembered longer.

  37. Agata says:

    I am not a big fan of this song, but it’s catchy and easy. When I heard this song for the first time on the next day I sang it all day. Well it is a bit embarassing, but anyway people can have fun with this song. I like more this song than Maryla Rodowicz’s song, which was difficult, slow and boring. Koko koko Euro spoko :) Well it’s not really bad :) Polish people, be proud of your country and your language!

  38. Polish from Poland says:

    For all of you Polish leybers in other conturys where you are!


  39. Polish from Poland says:

    For all of you Polish leabers in other countrys Shut Yours Facking Mauf about this Jarzembina Koko Euro Spoko

  40. Jarren says:

    I lasted 41 seconds.

    (before I stopped the video, in case that is misinterpreted)

  41. Anna says:

    They said it was chosen by vote by the Poles…. but seriously who voted!?! :/

  42. zizitop says:

    I’ve got only one question – what were they thinking?! Firstly, the composer, and secondly all those voters? (ok, I guess that makes them two questions). I fail to see anything that I would indentify myself with in this song. It sounds like, and in fact is, mumbling of several elderly ladies, who frankly, to discontent of any, do look like nuns – so much, that even I thought they were the bloody nuns! Gosh, previously it was Edyta Gorniak who fatally embarassed the Poles with her cover for the Poland national anthem. Now this! I’ve had it – I am going to watch the UEFA Euro 2012 muted.

  43. Euro 2012 Fan Song says:

    Fan Song by “Kabaret Skeczów Męczących” (“Cabaret of Tiring Skits”) is much better than this (and also funny) – check:


    Unfortunately, it didn’t even participate in the contest and SMS voting.

  44. Carmoisy says:

    Good choice. Great funny song. I like it. Irish one is good too.

  45. roxanna&gosiaSOUTHAMPTON says:


  46. luka says:

    Posłuchajcie mnie polskie zjeby! Nie widzicie, że ludziom się podoba? Podoba się im, to po chu*a piszecie, że czujecie się zażenowani przez wybór! Jesteście żałośni kur*a! Zakompleksione buraki! Wstydzić się swojej tradycji, muzyki ludowej połączonej z nowoczesnością.Przestańcie pie*dolić, że beznadziejne, bo w końcu oni też w to uwierzą. Uśmiech na twarz i już! Propaganda!

  47. Anonymous says:

    this is stupid song

  48. Greg from London says:

    As a Pole I am extremely embarrassed by this Ko Ko song.

  49. Cor says:

    Do you think Waka Waka was better only because it was sung in English?(and originally it was a South African protest cong…)

  50. Ali says:

    Could be better but yours comments are worse. Nothing bad happend, people could laugh, so what? We want to have good atmosphere and fun so Koko!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Wy pseudo Polacy którzy uciekli za granicę i płaczą: wstydzić to możecie się jedynie za siebie, folklor to akurat Nasza historia, z tego można jedynie być dumnym ;-)
    And to non-Polish ppl: that song is funny folklor music and i think U will love it ;-) And that`s not nun dresses – its regional uniform…

  52. Polish in the US says:

    All of you ashamed and embarassed Poles need to start treating your complexes.This is football event song and it does what it is supposed to do,put smile on people’s faces.I played it to my American buddy and he told me that now he can’t get “Koko,koko…” out of his head.More refined audience can always go listen to Chopin concerto or something but to make people smiling “Koko,koko..” is perfect.Regards.
    “Koko,koko euro spoko…”-)-)

  53. Missy Mee says:

    I love it!!! :D

  54. polish in america says:

    OMG I LIVE IN THE U.S AND I’M POLISH AND THIS IS SUCH A DISGRACE, WAVING FLAG AND WAKA WAKA ARE GOOD SONGS,THIS SUKS! its catchy but not energetic enough,anyway that’s traditional polish clothing,not like a nun (that i thought was disrespectful) by the way poland is gonna win cause ukraine is gonna be sick of stomach cramps from laughing their ass off! (true story bro!)

  55. weronika says:

    I think Poles voted for this as a sort of act of trolling. They didn’t think it was going to win, and now it did. I’m sure most who voted are ashamed of themselves.

  56. Pawel from Poland says:

    Koko koko we’ll win spoko.
    P.S. My 1.5 year old son loves it so fine enough for me. Just chill a bit…

  57. Damian says:

    Nathalie Chyba mialas na mysli embarrassing , przejrzyj najpierw slownik przyszywany polaku.:)

  58. Man says:

    I just do not get the point. As some people already mentioned, polish are hating each others. I have been living here since quiet a few years and what I will remember once I will have been back to my country is that polish are hostile against each others. They represent a thinking that Europe seeing such music will believe in Poland’s backward-status. Polish have gone a far way to become a European country, but they still have not gone this way complitely- they faorgot about mentality. Sometimes they seem pretty paranoic in their thinking. I think You all know polish abroad. Many of them are….embrassing. While some of them are, this song represents a national value that I think is should be recognized. Its simplity and happy melody will cause an positive impact on Poland. I like that fraken granny-song. It is funny and joyful- not like that crap in our countries. Take Germany,England,Ierland for example. As a german I do not like the crap produced in my country.

  59. Anonymous says:

    I’m from America and I think its a fun song. I like that its not a more pop like song. I like that it’s different.

  60. sertomas says:

    i’m from UK , me and my gf like it !!!!!

  61. Agny says:

    You ALL are so right. All of you! Respect!

  62. Polish guy says:

    Nice and funny. ;]

  63. Euro 2012 Fan Song says:

    Koko Koko Euro Spoko – METAL VERSION: !!!! :D


  64. Euro 2012 Fan Song says:

    And here “Alvin and the Chipmunks” version:


  65. Polish says:

    To all Polish here: Yes I agree if you are Polish as I am and can understand the words this song is a joke…(stupid and funny, from countryside) but for foreign people it sounds good. It has a lot of positive energy and is much better than previous worldcup Polish song (in Korea). So do not take it too serious but song is OK. Hard to come out with something better (as funny and positive)

  66. mat says:

    For people (English speakers and pretenders with Polish roots alike) who ask what koko euro spoko means – it means nothing. It should be so. Why to listen to high echelon poetry at he time of joy. This is congenial. Great tempo, catching phrase (even for klutz’s like this rather strangely offensive Chris Wright), fun for old and young alike. It was easy (not for unfortunate Wright)to find out info about regional costumes- absolutely not nuns. Looks like some (not all!)very young frustrates here and Chris Wright would prefer girls band in strings. This you have on daily basis everywhere! Koko Koko Euro Spoko!!! is great choice! Anyway- this melody was written to rise spirit of Poles not some expats or youngsters chocking in Poland (yet), hating anything what is Polish in character.

  67. Jp says:


  68. Jaduzink says:

    The women sing are not dressed as nuns but in the rather unique folk costumes of the region around Janow.

  69. Jaduzink says:

    The singers are not dressed as nuns. The white vale is typical of the folk costumes around Janow and Bilgoraj. The song is great. It shows a muture and secure sense of humor.

  70. Pavo says:

    WOO Polska Najlepsza!!!

  71. somebody says:

    I am Polish, but I don’t live in Poland. This song is really good. And I’m sure tht other ppl wont think what does it mean. Nobody cares! There are more songs, which have got more stupid meaning than tht! Why we, Polish peeps, can’t have some respect and distance to our selves! this song is not embarrassing, do you know what is? You! Because instead of enjoy the Euro and song, you argue about tht. and it is not cool. If you want to show tht PL is really nice country, show it by singing together and doing other stuff, but don’t argue, cuz you will show tht Polish peeps are really not nice etc. So shut up and ejnoy the football and song

  72. zuzia lalka says:

    Great song, love it. Koko Koko Euro Spoko. And yes I am a Pollack and proud to be one. Unlike most of the “polsih” kids here making all these negative remarks, I am not ashamed of my country or any art produced by the Poles. By the by Poland consists of football fans of all ages not only teens, therefore the music should be fun and catchy for all. Poland rocks!!!

  73. agnieszka says:

    you all are very cheeky. and journalists that wrote this article too. just think what you all are saying or writing. no brains searched! garbage… please, you are losers! you are garbage

  74. max rain says:

    The song isn’t great but it’s catchy and energetic. It is funny for many young Polish people because of word “koko” that is often used as slang for cocaine (kokaina).

  75. Lucas says:

    Hey apsik91 listen… just living in USA, actually most part of my life. I’m 28 living here 18 years,sometimes visiting Poland, I can really see progress in the infrastructure which Poland did in the period (2007-2012) of course in very good meaning. U have no clue how USA building highways but i have comparison. Here in USA, certainly U would be a loner from choice i guess cos…Americans NO ACCEPTING people talking shit about their old, own country (cos European contribution in US history). U would be treated like an idiot and they would avoiding your company. Only retard offending his own country…Are Europeans stupid and retarded???

  76. zuzia lalka` says:

    About 99.9% of music produced today is garbage. Especially the top 100, all of it is a pot (or top hahaha) of crap. Talking about trash no one can relate to and yet many want to be cool and are pretending to understand the “message” of that garbage. Did anyone of you really listen to the lyrics??? Just because the beat is cool it does not make the song a chart popper at least to me – a thinking human being. Take that and shove it Chris Wright.

  77. tomasz says:


    My first impressions after listening to this lets say controversial piece were somewhat around mixed feelings although after a while I found it quite catchy. I am glad the text isn’t so very much sophisticated as it it is not sung poetry contest but sports event and please find any traditional folk song with an in-depth text


    British: “I got a pocket for me oatmeal, and another for me rye.
    I got a bottle by me side to drink when I am dry.”

    Irish: “It was on a fine summer’s morning,When the birds sweetly, tuned on each bough, I heard a fair maid sing most charming, As she sat a-milking her cow;

    American country: “Not thinking ’bout fishing, Or working overtime, Mini-skirts are everywhere, Messing up my mind”

    not mentioning that one who ‘ oops did it again’

    We Polish tend to quarrel a lot about everything and for no particular reason I guess. ‘Tis always like that ;> So no surprise that when it comes to a song that would have to represent us there would be extremely diverse opinions found. And yup I’d say ’tis typical too, I would choose better one. I would do better but everything is in the ‘would’ style. Ne’er e’er: ‘I DO’ . Such a national idiosyncrasy as I see it having some perspective. It makes us distinguishable amongst others and I myself find it a curiosity a bit, a bit fun and amazing ever and anon.

    As to our ‘anthemic’ music piece – I like it I must admit and I like it as much as I like the bodhran’s beat and slightly humorous lyrics of the Irish ‘Rocky road to Poland’. In my modest opinion we did much better than for that instance AEngland or Ukraine. And in the case of total pop-what-da-text-and-i-don’t-know-what-i’m-singing Oceana’s “Endless summer” .

    “Like a drum, drum,
    Make my heart beat like a drum
    Like a drum, drum,
    Endless summer, oh, oh, oh, oh,
    yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh”

    Ours at last refers to football , team and the visitors from all o’er entire Europe :p

    Therefore I completely do not understand why are we so embarrassed with our song – in comparison to few others one is excellent :D

    With my best wishes

    Koko – is an diminution or abbreviation from the origin of the song – village Kocudza – unpronouncable by majority of Europeans

    Euro – no translation required I think

    Spoko – ok,good,cool

  78. janet says:

    Wonderful.Ilove their energy,

  79. Ren says:

    If we keep saying this song is shit, every country in the world will hate it. But if we take some distance to ourselves and have the ability to laugh at ourselves , and we say the song is great, the world will love it too. I have a phd (dokotorat) , I’m not some uneducated granny and I think the song for once can portray us as a nation with a sense of humour.

  80. Kari says:

    I think this could be one the greatist football hits.)its much better than casual pop music and its abnormaly catchy!.)

  81. Maggie says:

    Oh dear, every time I watch this I cringe, but I think I’ll get over it LOL!

  82. Mary Anne says:

    It’s the best song that entered the contest and it won with the votes from the public.
    They are not dressed as nuns – it’s traditional folk garb from the East of Poland – don’t you people have any folk groups??
    All of you haters and flamers who despise folk music can eat your heart out – everyone will sing it anyway.
    Oh, by the way – I hear some dumb asses think “koko” is slang for “cocaine” – well, it’s not. The word is “koka”, and “koko” is the representation of the sound a chicken or hen makes.
    Toodaloo! And cocka-doodle-doo :D

  83. Polish Girl :) says:

    I’m from Poland and I know … IT’S TERRIBLE SONG. ;) We voted for this cause it’s funny. Nobody thought that it’ll be … Oh my God … Nobody thought that it COULD be song of our reprezentation.
    Oh … and “koko” DOESN’T MEAN cocaine! It rhymes with polish word “spoko”, which means cool … :) I write it beacuse on another british websites I red this stupid meaning …
    I never thought that somebody can be so stupid do translate it like “cocaine” … Please … old ladies sing this song and it couldn’t be about drugs … It’s for Euro 2012.

    And when you’re going to listen “Koko Koko Euro Spoko” very often you’ll like it … xD

  84. Alkasyn says:

    It’s pretty decent, actually, and I don’t see what all the ruckus is about.

  85. NitNat says:

    Im polish and I like this song – simple song ! Well done for k_6 ! You fucking polish fuckers pretend posh ??? Fucking bag of shit ! Are you thinking you are cool coz you embarest of Poland ! I’m shame of you guys

  86. Kiki says:

    To the author of the article: your comments are NOT COOL! the fact that you thought these were nuns shows your lack of basic education. Have you never travelled or seen a folk group from a Slavic country on TV? Or a nun, btw? But even worse is to refer to a group of female performers, some of which look more like they are in their 20s, as grannies, because of the way they are dressed, and maybe even if they were dressed differently they would not be material for a beauty contest. So what?It’s not a beauty contest it’s a song contest. I feel proud of my country people to have selected this song, because to me it shows a positive change, like many other commenters before I mean a growing sense of humor and after almost two centuries of living under foreign rule and being very touchy about the proper expressions of Polishness as something always lofty and noble I sense a return of normalcy. To my countrymen who are embarrased by the song: just chill and enjoy. This is good for our image, trust me.

  87. Anonymous says:

    im from poland its emmbarising! o matko !!!

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