Didier Zokora Exacts Revenge On Emre By Walloping Him In The Knackers (Video)

By Chris Wright

You may remember not so very long ago when Emre was accused of racially abusing Didier Zokora during a game between Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor. Emre denied it, saying ‘Allah could rip his heart from his body’ if Zokora’s allegations were true. He was then banned for two games by the Turkish FA as it was deemed Emre’s language was offensive, but not racist.

Well, whether the ‘N’ bomb was dropped or not, Zokora exacted his revenge last night – first refusing to shake Emre’s hand before the game and then clouting his hairy Turkish clangers up into the back of his throat with a gruesome ‘challenge’ shortly thereafter…

WALLOP! Screw handshakes, this is how all racism should be settled on a football pitch.

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  1. bear says:

    AHAHAHA! Brilliant!

  2. jojo says:

    could happen, he just missed the ball.

    but seriously: what is wrong with the referee?

  3. Lorenzo says:

    Black eye… really??

  4. lane says:

    If Emre kicked Zokora like that the comment section would be full of things condemning Emre and some racial slurs against Turks. How come vice versa is only “hahaha funny”

  5. SL says:

    and he only got a yellow for it.

    Thats about as clear as a red youll ever see….unless a Man U player does it.

  6. Inno says:

    They used to call that “agricultural” I think.

  7. It’s an obvious red, and just an insanely poor decision by the referee who for some reason only gives Zokora a yellow.

    With that said…I am an avid Trabzonspor (<- correct spelling, by the by) supporter and absolutely L O V E Didier Zokora for doing this. I have been aching for someone to put Emre in his place for YEARS now, and I truly adore Zokora for just completely destroying him like that. I don't condone it one bit, but the Turkish Football Federation completely lost the plot with this whole mess. Allowing Emre to play at all is an insult to football, and the Federation basically gave racism a pass by barely suspending him.

  8. Maccer says:

    So that’s what they mean when they say kick racism out of football. Well done Didier

  9. Toz says:

    Emre deserved this (He’s been accused of racism in the past as you all very well remember/know), and to only get a yellow, Zakora definitely got away with it here.

  10. Toz says:

    Emre deserved it, and Zakora was lucky he only received a yellow.

  11. Ben says:

    Good grief.

    The lack of consequences for racial abuse in football is an absolute disgrace. Perhaps this sort of thing will encourage Federations and Football Associations to start dishing out proper punishments!

  12. dc says:

    “Screw handshakes, this is how all racism should be settled on a football pitch.” My thoughts precisely…

  13. Alex says:

    ‘Show racism the red card’ isn’t working as a campaign, ‘kick racism in the balls’ would be much better.

  14. Anonymous says:

    you guys are all massive pussies

    anyone accused of racism should be shot in the street

  15. Hutchy says:

    aha, yellow card! brilliant

  16. Teddy Ballgame says:

    And rightfully so.

  17. Toz says:

    Deserved it.

  18. Toz says:

    Well, can’t say that he didn’t have it coming to him.

  19. chrisE says:

    ell Anton over to you mate…lol

  20. adhikapp says:

    imagine anton doing this to terry, or evra on suarez!

  21. Giancarlo says:

    All of the people saying Emre deserved this, it was funny, etc, are very immature, and barbaric. Yes, let’s all settle things with “an eye for an eye”. That’s exactly how life should be handled.

    Yes, perhaps Emre said something racist, but none of us were there to hear it. Zokora may not be racist but he’s a dirty player for kicking out like that. What if he seriously injured Emre? (Mind you that’s some serious nut damage right there). A yellow card was too light of a punishment.

    I just find it ridiculous to follow up a racial incident with violence.

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