The Anzhi Makhachkala Rap – Starring Eto’o, Samba, Roberto Carlos & Grandmaster Hiddink (Video)

By Chris Wright

Not content with throwing millions upon millions of petro-dollars at the has-beens and so-sos of European football, Johnny-come-lately Russian rich boys Anzhi Makhachkala have now moved into the rap game – getting some bod named Timaro to produce this garbage, The Anzhi Rap (like the Anfield Rap, but with 100% less Grobbelaar).

The video sees several of Anzhi’s players; Samuel Eto’o, Roberto Carlos, Yuri Zhirkov, Chris Samba et al, nodding along awkwardly as some Russian dunce chunters on about something or other – the only saving grace being a surprise appearance right at the very end by none other than Susan Boyle, who gives us all a nice smiley thumbs-up around the 2:45 mark…

(UPDATE: Apparently it’s actually Anzhi coach Guus Hiddink giving us the thumbs-up, not Susan Boyle. You could’ve fooled us!)

(Probably not) available at all good record stores.