Gonzalo Higuain Enters Kuwait With Classic ‘Comedy Door Collision’ Gag (Video)

Chris Wright

16th, May 2012


By Chris Wright

Middle Eastern airports are a great place for loud slapstick comedy – as goalhound Gonzalo Higuain demonstrated on his arrival in Kuwait with the rest of the Real Madrid squad ahead of their friendly against the national side later tonight…

Ace spot from Pies fan Neanderthal

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  1. Graham says:

    The door was promptly issued a yellow card.

    Is it me, or does ‘zalo dive here? He barely touched the door and then seemed to jerk backwards holding his face.

  2. :) says:

    then at the end you can hear him doing it to another door!

  3. coxon says:

    there is a comment on the video in youtube that makes sense: “It was a joke. He kicked the door with his foot and made it look like he walked into it with his head 1st.”

  4. Jarren says:

    @coxon: Yeah I’d go with that. First time I watched it I was like, his head didn’t hit the door, then on the replays it’s obvious.

    Totally done on purpose.

  5. njas2000 says:

    Thanks for the explanation captain obvious!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s funy

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